Five Reasons Why Smackdown, ECW, and WWE Superstars Are Killing Raw

Kevin ThorntonCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Sherri Shepherd holds up the U.S. title belt after M.V.P. defeated Dolph Ziggler during a match at WWE SmackDown at Madison Square Garden on April 28, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by George Napolitano/Getty Images)

It's Me, Kevin again, and I'd first like to start by saying thanks for all the support my fellow writers and columnists showed me on my first article. Whether positive or negative, all opinions and feedbacks are welcomed and greatly appreciated, and I will continue to try my best to give you a satisfying read.

For my second article, I have decided to address an 'issue' (if you want to call it that) that is becoming more and more prevalent week by week; I am talking, of course, about the increasing popularity of Friday Night Smackdown, and the declining popularity of Monday Night Raw.

I use the word 'declining' in somewhat a different sense than most people would think; because there is no doubt which show gets the highest ratings of all wrestling shows, whether it be Ring of Honor or TNA; that show is Monday Night Raw.

Lately, however, I have been anything but impressed with Raw and anything but disappointed with Smackdown, and I am sure that a lot of WWE fans feel the same way.

I, for one, don't understand it. Between ECW, WWE Superstars, and Friday Night Smackdown, how is it that it is RAW, the supposed flagship show of WWE, that is doing the worst right now?

Here are five reasons why I think this is happening.

1. New Feuds Compared with the Same Old Ones.

I had to list this as the first reason, because never before have I been so interested in Smackdowns feuds and so disinterested in Raws. Right now, for example, the main feud on Raw is between Triple H and Randy Orton for what seems like the hundredth time.

Now, before Wrestlemania, this wasn't a problem, because the build-up to their match was white-hot and extremely personal, from Orton kissing Hunters' wife to Trips breaking in Ortons house and chasing him down with a sledgehammer.

Now, however, it is simply beatdown after beatdown, one week after another. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of both Orton and Triple H, but doesn't anyone else want to see this feud die-at least for the meantime? Damn.

Among the other feuds on RAW is between John Cena and the Big Show (again) which at first had potential, but after seeing Superman Cena pull out two consecutive 'miracle' victories over Show, I have given up hope on this feud as well.

The Cena vs Miz feud also has potential, but once the two finally wrestle a real match who do you think will crush the other?    


Meanwhile, on Smackdown, we have some fresh and exciting new rivalries. I am a huge fan of Jeff Hardy, but I'll admit, when CM Punk cashed in MITB and stole the championship from him after his epic match with Edge, I was very happy and excited, not because I was happy to see Punk win, but because of the opportunities that could come from it.

Edge, Punk, and Hardy are all great wrestlers, great on the mic, and have the potential to make Smackdown home of the Feud of the Year. I, personally, would be okay with Punk playing a tweener role, as I would be Hardy or Edge.

Also, up until his release a couple of days ago, Punk and Umaga also had a pretty good feud going. I never understood why Umaga singled out Punk to attack in the first place, but they put on some very good matches.

Morrison vs. Benjamin is another one. Though I wish they'd let Shelton get at least one win over Morrison, no one can deny that they've put on some very entertaining matches.

Mysterio vs. Jericho is also great. The build-up has been classic and the matches they've put on have been stellar. I'm very interested to see where this goes.

On ECW, the rivalry between Swagger, Christian, and Tommy Dreamer has been equivalent to a soap opera-albeit a very good soap opera with comedy, backstabbing, respect, and emotional turmoil.

On to the Next reason, No. 2.

2. Better Usage of Superstars.

So many superstars in the WWE that are jobbing or put in comedy roles (see below) have talent that is being wasted. Raw, you are guilty of this more than any other brand. Seriously, Santina?

Does anyone else remember when this man was a credible Intercontinental Champion? Now he is cross-dressing, posing as a women, and fighting in pig-slop matches for a Miss Wrestlemania sash. God, give me a break.

And this is just a peeve of mine, but letting Hornswoggle get a win over anyone over the age of six is just a slap in the face to all of the WWE. I'm just sayin.

Reason No. 3.

3. Better matches on the Other Shows.

Seriously, I can't think of the last time that Smackdown, ECW, or Superstars didn't have a great main event. Superstars gives mid-card talents a chance to chance to shine against main-event competitors, such as Morrison-Jericho this week (awesome match, if you haven't seen it, look it up) or Ted DiBiase vs. Cena a few weeks ago.

Smackdowns' main event matches are usually on PPV level, and usually last between 15-20 minutes, such as Mysterio-Edge a few weeks ago, or Edge vs. Hardy this week and three weeks ago.

ECW does a pretty good job of showcasing their new talent, and may I say that the Hart Dynasty has been looking hella impressive as of late? Christian and Swagger are always great.

Raw, sometimes puts on a good main-event, but 80 percent of the time it ends in interference or disqualification, which needs to stop ASAP. Seriously, just let someone win clean once in a while. I don't think it's too much to ask.

No. 4. Less Comedy Segments.

Good Lord. Am I the only who thinks Vince needs to be slapped for allowing this crap to continue? Do you think Santino/Santina or whoever the hell he/she is cries him/herself to sleep at night after what he/she's forced to do weekly on national television? Hornswoggle just pisses me off in general.

His new partnership with Goldust has just made me even more disgusted, and sorry to inform you, WWE, but the whole bell-ringing thing with Festus, and having him sing while looking insane, or coming to the ring dressed as Santa Claus, please, just kill it.

Dammit, it isn't funny, AT ALL. Neither is the random pig-laugh thing with Vickie (sorry to see her go, by the way).

Oh, and what do all those superstars have in common? You guessed it, they're all on Raw.

Last but not least, No. 5.

5. Less predictability.

This, in my opinion, is the main reason why ECW, Superstars, and especially Smackdown are shining over Raw right now. Superstars pits different sets of superstars against each other, and while you may know the outcome, it usually is a very entertaining and solid match.

ECW, especially with Christian, Dreamer, and Swagger has been very well built, and honestly, all three of them are solid performers and picks for other championships on other brands.

The Hart Dynasty also has been showing a lot promise, and on Smackdown, they switch it up every week. The promos have consistently been good, between generally everybody, the matches have been great, the build-ups have been well put together, and overall, ECW, Superstars, and Smackdown have been great shows lately.

With the possibility of a heel Punk, I am especially excited to see where they take him, Hardy, and Edge from here on out. Another superstar that has really been shining as of late is the new face John Morrison.

Seriously, is he great or what? Whether he wins or loses, he puts on a great show, and I would personally love to see in the World Heavyweight Title picture by the end of this year, if not sooner.

Meanwhile on Raw, you know you will see:

1. A Legacy/Triple H beatdown.

2. A Miz promo _/0 against Cena (seriously, it's getting kind of old)

3. Corny comedy segments, and

4. Hornswoggle/Santino/Santina (ALL reasons to change the channel. Sorry).

Here's hoping Raw can get it together sooner rather than later, because currently every other WWE show is doing great and keeping me hooked, and Raw really needs to get its' edge back.

Anyway, I hope you've had a good read, and comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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