If I Never Got Hurt Last Year...

David PhilpAnalyst IApril 25, 2008
  • I never would have had the off season contract dispute with the team.
  • The Vets wouldn't have had to fire Larry Picketts and hire Rick Churches to manage.
  • I never would have gotten into heated arguments, many times publicly, with Rick Churches because he wouldn't be my manager, laid back Larry Picketts would be.
  • Rick Churches would still be in the NYS (our regional sports network) broadcast booth, not managing, and my father, "Red" Scott, would still be anywhere but New York broadcasting games.

If I never got hurt last year...

  • I'd already have my 300 wins. Now, as a reliever, it may take me 3 seasons to win 13 more games. Do I want to play that much longer? More important, does anybody else want me to play that much longer?
  • I never would have started this blog.
  • I'd still be talking to the media.
  • I never would have "grown" and "matured" and would be my old, happy, ignorant, lovable self.
  • I wouldn't be in as good a shape as I'm in right now.
  • I wouldn't be playing in the minor leagues, on rehab assignment. I'd be in New York on a starting assignment.

If I never got hurt last year...

  • My Nashville Hounds would probably have a better record than 4 and 16.
  • I probably would not be a de facto owner of my Nashville Hounds, thanks to billionaire Charlie Walker.
  • I never would have met Andy, my personal trainer who also serves as my security "detail" in Nashville. (He's very big. Don't mess with him.)
  • I never would have been sued by the team psychologist (not psychiatrist - there's a difference), Dr. Henry Cohegans, for breaking the terms of our confidentiality agreement because I wouldn't be blogging or even going to him because I never got hurt.

If I never got hurt last year...

  • I never would have had public run-ins with my father, "Red" Scott, NYS broadcaster who's mad at me for not talking to the media (him) on the record but blogging instead.
  • I never would have been as fulfilled as I am right now with my life.
  • I never would have been turned into a relief pitcher.

You know what? It happened. It just did. And there's nothing I can do about it except move on. No more sulking. No more regrets. I got hurt last year and now I'm better. I can't wait to prove myself again in New York.

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