Brett Favre: Im So Tired Of This Guy

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 14:  Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets walks on the field against The Buffalo Bills during their game on December 14, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Yeah i know writing an article on Brett Favre about how I'm sick of hearing about Brett Favre is kind of childish but i honestly don't care.

I'm just getting my opinion off my chest and you are welcome to agree or disagree with me, or think i am a complete idiot all you want.

And yes i am aware that Brett Favre does not care at all that i'm writing this either but i'm saying it anyway.

I am tired of Brett Favre. Plain and simple. I do not want to see him now in the offseason, and i do not want to see him playing football again either. I'm tired of seeing a report about the guy every time he gets up to go to the bathroom. Although they did have me on the edge of my seat that one time where he was deciding on whether to put mayonnaise or mustard on his sandwich.

But all kidding aside, i'm tired of every single person in the media glorifying Favre to the point that he could basically do whatever he wants and get away with it. Yes he is a future hall of famer and i actually use to be a huge Brett Favre fan, however that does not mean he can do this soap opera thing every year and hold a different team hostage every offseason.

Now you can sit there and try to convince me that the Jets were better with him last year and the Vikings will be better with him this year but i doubt ill listen to you. I know he was injured last season and that's why he was terrible but that in itself is part of his problem. He jeopardized the Jets because of his record long games streak. If any other quarterback had his injury they would've been out and got healthy before coming back. Now you can say again that that is Brett Favre, he's a warrior and doesn't need to sit out but that's where you are wrong. Just because he convinces the coach to put him out there doesn't mean he should be out there. anyone could see that he was too hurt to be productive and the Jets suffered because of it. No coach is ever gonna sit Brett when he says hes good to go. They don't want to be the one who ends that streak.

As far as the Vikings i'm not convinced that Brett is any better at this point than any of the other quarterbacks who are on their roster. And i definitely do not think he is worth all this distraction that the team is definitely going through right now.

Brad Childress looks like an idiot coming out in the media and acting like he basically doesn't even know who Brett Favre is and that his team is interested in him. And more importantly Childress looses his credibality with his team in the locker room because of this inability of anyone and everyone to actually bear down on Brett and not let him do whatever he wants. 

However, enough about Childress and the constant screw ups of this situation by the vikings. 

Brett Favre is the problem here. It all started with a teary-eyed press conference when he retired from Green Bay. I was sad to see him go but respected him as one of the greats and glad to see him go out on his terms.

However this is when all this garbage starts for Brett. All of a sudden he wants to come back, then doesn't, then does, then doesn't, then seemingly changes his mind about a million times before he comes out and publicly blames the Packers for his indecisiveness. I don't know about you but i do not buy that the Packers pushed him out. BRETT Officially Retired. All the Packers did was actually move on. If Brett still wanted to play he didn't have to officially retire, just think about it before he actually made a decision. once the decision has been made then the Packers have to do whats best for them and not for Brett. i think he was mad that they didn't know he was going to completely lie to everyone at the said press conference, where he cried and said he was completely done.

Now onto this offseason where Brett's ego has apparently grown as big as New York. He first starts it off again by telling everyone that he is done and isn't coming back. He even goes as far as mocking a Journelist when she asks him if he was serious saying that he doesn't know why she would even ask something like that. Sorry i don't know her name.

All of a sudden you hear reports about him coming back and him going to the vikings. We all know that's what he wants whether or not he wants to admit it. He only does this song and dance because he wants the attention. i feel sorry for his family that he has been putting threw this for the past two offseasons because he can't get enough of himself.

And his only reason for wanting to go to the vikings is so that he can stick it to the Packers. He'll never admit it but we all know that's the reason. Brett is an old, washed up, vindictive, shell of his former self and i wish i didn't have to hear about him every single second i turn on espn, or sportcenter, or the nfl network.

 I never thought i'd see an athlete manipulate the media better then Terrell Owens but Brett has certainly done it. He probably sits there in his house and wonders what piece of information he's going to leak next. Maybe the fact that he's changing to 1 percent milk instead of whole milk. Although maybe were just not ready for that.

Until then ill just have to wait 5 minutes till the next Brett Favre update when they tell me that he just got a glass of water, bottled not tap, with just 1 ice cube.