The Fixer: Trying to Repair the Wrestling Industry Yet Again

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

Okay, well once again, I feel the need to go on a tangent about fixing the industry.

Well, where do we begin this time? I believe I will begin with...


Image Consulting

How hard is it to give a wrestler a unique wardrobe? John Morrison has one of the most unique wardrobes in wrestling, a fur coat, bedazzled tights, with a little bit of fur at the bottom.

This works as a way of looking different from the rest. In a sense, he's like HBK and Ric Flair all wrapped up into one athletic package.

Matt Morgan almost pulled it off, but apparently he never got the memo that a hooded cape doesn't work if your wearing short trunks to begin with. The moment the cape comes off, you just look like a joke. He could be credible if it weren't for the bad outfit.

Speaking of the short trunks, does EVERY wrestler have to wear these? I personally feel that unless the wrestler is in peak shape, by which I mean no pot belly, they shouldn't wear them. Because in truth, its a desperate cry for attention.

At some point, it is a good idea to think about having wardrobes that fits a wrestler's personality.



All right, lets get to this thorn in the side of the WWE. ENOUGH ALREADY! No more Jack Swagger competing for the ECW Title, can we at least have a tournament to get some of the more credible people back into the chase?

I feel Jack Swagger pretty much got Evan Bourne's push for the title. And now that we have the Hart Dynasty, Bourne is being forgotten.

Enough! We dont want to see Big Show and Cena anymore. The Miz deserves a chance to fight Cena without the thing that wouldn't quit while he had relevance interfering in the match. Miz is the future, he deserves a chance to make his presence as a contender be known.

And finally, enough already, let John Morrison feud with Jericho for the Intercontinental title. Shelton and Haas need to be in contention for the tag titles. It would benefit them all.

Morrison needs to work on his mic skills, and he isn't going to get that by not talking. Shelton needs a chance to stop jobbing for Morrison and be taken seriously.


The PG Issue

Okay, this is an industry with combat as an emphasis. Yeah, going PG isn't something you factor in. In fact, its killing things.

I remember when Stone Cold threw Kurt's medals off a bridge into the river below, and the following week, Kurt messed with Austin's mind and threw him into a kiddie pool. Not exactly edgy, but it was unique.

Maybe forget your merchandising ego for a minute and take into account that just like Hulkamania, Cenamania is gonna fizzle when his fans grow up, and their cougar mothers notice someone like John Morrison.

Cena could bring some new light to his character by going heel. Not everyone can go face but, many remember the Doctor of Thuganomics. I remember it pretty well, saw it during one of my stints of watching back in the day.

Others can benefit from going heel, Punk was made to be a heel, Edge would be boring as a face, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, make some changes to the way things are done, faces don't have to be boring, Clark Kent-acting, Superman-is-our-savior faces.

Which leads me to the next subject, John Morrison is not a baby face, I repeat, is NOT a baby face. The guy is a tweener. He doesn't use his usual tactics associated with being a heel, but he still talks trash about how people look. Which means people ragging on him being a bland babyface should put up or shut up.



Okay, yeah this isn't going to fly anymore. They're going to have a submission theme Pay Per View, yet they wont allow Punk to use the Anaconda Vise? Yeah, really smooth, Vince.

Just like tag teams, apparently he thinks submissions aren't an important part of wrestling anymore, too.

I would like to see one person tap out to the Walls of Jericho once in a while, considering the angle of the hold that has to be pretty painful. Unless Cena and Big Show are the only ones allowed to make people tap now.

Winning by Pinfall all the time, is all sizzle, no steak. There are so many ways to win a match, but making them tap, is the most epic way. It seems Vince has forgotten that this is the way that lets the world know, "I quit," and I like it that way.

Heck, I always try to win a match that way on Smackdown Vs. Raw. It's fun that way.


Size Doesn't Matter

What is it with Vince? He likes to push big guys, and just have the small guys be a side attraction.

Hate to say it, but wrestlers are going to stop being big musclemen, they're going to continue being lighter, more athletic, and able to move faster. And he is going to run out of ex-body builders, and ex-weightlifters.

Generally, if these guys are big and muscular, there is a reason why: the juice. And generally when you see a person like that, so muscular they don't even have a neck, it's kinda revolting. I enjoy the smaller wrestlers because they look like they can at least move their arms still.

I get why he likes them: because they're intimidating. The same could be said about smaller guys who can dismantle their opponent by wearing down legs of the big guys. That was evidenced on Smackdown when Dolph faced Khali.

But fact remains, the wrestlers are getting smaller more athletic, and if he refuses to put gold around the waists of the likes of Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne, he's going to lose viewers, lose income from PPV, and lose money all around because these guys alone bring people to watch ECW.


In Closing

I'm not asking for too much. But I wish things could be done to help wrestling be taken more seriously. Yes it isn't a sport, but there is a degree of athleticism to it nonetheless.

Its important that things be taken into account that are hurting the industry and making it look bad. And all a person can ask for is a degree of understanding when its time to cut bait, and try something new.