Hockey Seasons Over? Yeah Right

Rob HugheyContributor IJune 13, 2009

DETROIT - JUNE 12:  Sidney Crosby #87 and the Pittsburgh Penguins celebrates with the Stanley Cup after defeating the Detroit Red Wings by a score of 2-1 to win Game Seven and the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena on June 12, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Since You Asked:

 While the Red Wings Fans' sulk in their barely-imported Labatts there's no real reason to worry. I mean, c'mon, "your" season starts back up in like 20 days.

     I mean, who isn't pumped about another hockey training camp? Filled in before that with extremely important OTA's. 

I bet 99% of the fans right now are already looking forward to an all day media covered draft, right? As if those die hard Tampa Bay Lightning fans aren't looking forward to perhaps finding the next Evegeny (McCauley) Malkin. I know I'm already crossing days off this longggg summer calendar.

    As if an 82 regular season isn't enough (which spans nearly 8 months), most hockey fans have to sift through another 80+ games of post-season.  

    I mean going barely above .500 in the post season should be good enough to win the league title.

    Honestly, how doesn't this keep most audiences attention?  For instance, the Penguins only fired one coach this year.

    That was in February when Barack Obama took office. To put things in real perspective George W. Bush was safely nestled into office when the season kicked off.

    The current President was some black dude that was then known for having a crazy preacher when The Pittsburgh Penguins kicked off a "highly anticipated" season opener. 

   Nevertheless, I know I will stay awake at night wondering if Sidney Crosby's going to have off season appendectomy surgery.

    Or even worse yet, what if Marc-Andre (I never trust a guy with two first names) Fluery crashes his motorcycle into local traffic? I am sure that would get first class national media coverage.

    For Capital fans, they probably can't sleep at night, thinking that maybe Ovechkin might be in a night club accidentally shooting himself in the leg.       


  That's what's great about the NFL. Every week MEANS something. There's 16 do-or-dies throughout the course of a regular season.

    To make a short story shorter is, there's real only one sport in America. It's only played on Sundays and every game matters. No! Not Bowling. It's NFL Football. And Thank God for it!