Carlos Condit Will Receive Next Welterweight Title Shot with Win at UFC 171

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2014

USA Today

The UFC has told welterweight competitor Carlos Condit that he will receive the next title shot in the 170-pound division if he wins his UFC 171 showdown against Tyron Woodley. 

According to a tweet from UFC on Fox, the stipulations are simple: If Condit wins, the shot is his. He does not need a finish, he does not need to look overly impressive. He just needs to have his hand raised at the bout's conclusion. 

For Condit, a win against Woodley would serve as his second straight victory following back-to-back decision losses, one to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154 and one to Johny Hendricks at UFC 158.

Despite these setbacks, Condit's stock in the division never fell too far, a product of the success he has found in fights, even in defeat.

Currently, Condit is ranked No. 2 in the 170-pound division by the UFC's official rankings system, and his well-rounded skill set has made him a fixture in the top 10 of the division since his UFC debut in 2009. 

"The Natural Born Killer" previously won the interim welterweight championship against Nick Diaz at UFC 143, but he was unable to cash in on his opportunity to merge this distinction with the "real" title against St-Pierre at UFC 154.

Since that time, Condit has stayed busy, continuing to prove his worth as a top contender by going 1-1 in 2013, with the loss a somewhat controversial decision to Hendricks at UFC 158.

Condit out struck Hendricks throughout the bout, but he also gave up 12 takedowns, stuffing only three attempts in the process. This inability to stop Hendricks' wrestling attack directly led to Condit's defeat, and it prolonged his next chance at the welterweight strap. 

Now, however, Condit again sees his opportunity arise against Woodley March 15 at UFC 171. 

Win, and the title shot is his. Lose, and he gets thrown back to the ever-deepening pack of killers at 170, forced once again to kick, punch, elbow and knee his way back to the top.