Triple H To Orton: It's Hammer Time

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

Monday Night RAW was exactly that. Raw.

In my previous article, I wrote about how Batista was trying to celebrate his latest victory, when he was interrupted by Randy Orton and Legacy.

Thanks to them, Batista was taken to the hospital due to being attacked by Legacy and most likely ended up with a broken arm. Rumor has it, Batista will be out of commission for at least four months.

In the wake of all this, ex-GM manager Vickie Guerrero granted Orton a rematch for that night for the title which he lost to Batista at Xtreme Rules the night before. Even though this took place after Batista was taken to the hospital.

The stipulation was made by Vickie that if Batista wasn't back in time for the match and a ten count he will lose by forfeit and Orton wins the title. No one expected a match to happen between the two superstars.

When the bell rang at the time of their match, the ref started the 10 count. On the screen you could see an ambulance pull up to the back entrance. The fans screamed thinking Batista did make it back. The ref stopped the count.

As the doors to the ambulance opened, a familiar face appeared. This was not Batista but someone who has a lot of anger, frustration, resentment built up towards Orton and Legacy.

Orton has some payback coming to him for what he put the McMahons and Triple HHH through. This man is the one and only Triple HHH. This night he brought a friend with him,. I'll call this event that was about to take place, hammer time.

Triple HHH tore through the arena, hit Legacy with the sledgehammer and went after his prey, Randy Orton. Orton got the beating of his life. He was no longer in control and being the viper he was known to be.

On this night, Triple HHH was going to and did get retribution and revenge. We all know that it wasn't the end. On Monday Night RAW this week, there will be a fatal four way match starring, Triple HHH, Orton, John Cena and the Big Show for the heavyweight championship.

I feel kind of bad for Orton, cause he won't last long in this matchup, especially if Triple HHH brings his sidekick, the Sledge. Looks like its going to be hammertime again.