What's That Stench..? Why It's The Mets

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJune 13, 2009

by Richard Bachmann / How 'Bout Those Mets.com

If Gil Hodges were alive tonight he'd be rolling in his grave.

Even Casey Stengel would have been dumbfounded if he were around to see the end of tonight's game.

Luis Castillo can cure cancer, AIDS, stop global warming and save the auto industry but he will never be forgotten for his miscue in the Bandbox in the Bronx tonight.

God has a sick sense of humor. He wants to test the faith of Met fans by putting them through a plethora of unclearable hurdles.  Met fans can only absorb so much punishment before they just collapse, which is becoming all too commonplace around here.

Usually the team collapses. Now everything's collapsing. Players are going down to injury one-by-one leaving the masses to question, "Is there a doctor in the house?" I think the Mets team doctors are the cast from Scrubs, how apropos. What a bunch of quacks.

We had the Yankees beat, in Yankee Stadium and we beat Mariano Rivera.

Then we gave it away in a manner that not even Disney would dare attempt, neither would Laurel and Hardy.

What's next, Mets? What's next?

First, Jerry Manuel has got to go. I'm done with this guy trying to explain away the inexplicable. He should get in the NY State Senate. He'd fit right in; screw the public and then laugh about it.

Will the Wilpons have the balls, or brains, to bring back Bobby V?

It's about time something good happened around here

My liver is about to have a blowout trying to drink away all of these pathetic losses.  But as badly damaged and pummelled that organ has gotten this season, it is the Mets that are suffering from cirrhosis. They are emanating that foul odor.