Yankees Blow Another Game To Sox. Yankees Have A Lot Of Work To Do.

Micah ParizoContributor IJune 12, 2009

So this is my first official article on here at Bleacher Report and maybe it will be the first of many, we'll see. The article I decided to write for my first one was inspired due to what happened after last nights game between the Yankees @ Boston. I actually wrote this as my facebook status and then commented on it a few times after as I ranted and then vented about it and the whole Yankee organization. I liked it so much that I realized that this should be an article and shared to everyone especially us Yankee fans who I am sure feel the same way about a few things I said on here. It's something that needed to be said for quite awhile now, so sit back and enjoy.

"Good job tonight Yankees, another game that should of been won if we had a bullpen. Can someone please tell upper management that Joba belongs in the pen because this is a joke. What are they doing over there? If they want to lose well congrats because ur doing just that by not doing the obvious thing. A monkey could run this club better, a drunk monkey on phonics could do a better job running this organization.

400 million dollars spent on 3 players and yet they cant even buy a bullpen? All these guys (Saito, Smoltz, as well as others through low very attainable trades like Ramirez and etc.) were available on the FA market. Damn, if your going to buy a house you better damn well get insurance for it which these tools didn't do! You got a stadium that makes Coors field look like Citi Field. Is there anyone in that organization at all who has common sense? Oh and the best thing I love this, is that they take Phil Hughes (A starter) and try to make him Joba which is the opposite of what they are supposed to do. You don't take a 5 inning pitcher and make him a starter and take a 6 to 8 inning starter and put him in the pen! Why are they doing things backwards!

Also can we please get rid of the 50 announcers who work on YES who talked about how they are doing such a good job. (Especially when Joba last faced Boston at Yankee Stadium when he struck out 12 and celebrated, yet gave up 4 runs in the first inning and lost!) and replace them with 2 people who tell it like it is? Also can John Sterling just go away? How many incorrect calls do I need to hear especially when the opposition does something good and he says "How do you like that?" Why would I like that? Act like a Yankee announcer! Susan can go too, I still cant get "Roger Clemens is in the building!" out of my damn head! just go away!

And Girardi over Torre? You kidding me. Yeah take an all time great and replace him with a manager who coached the Marlins to an under .500 record! Smart move, because the playoffs are overrated right?

Ahhhh there I think I got it all out. It really is true its the idiots who run things and this organization better get some people who know baseball and not the business aspect of it but the actual game. Common sense goes a long way. No one should be saying they did a good job tonight, that was pathetic.

Also its time for Brian Cashman to go. He of all people should of known that you need a bullpen and especially have Joba in the 8th. When your own GM doesn't know that and on top of it says he wont go back in then you know this clown has no clue what hes doing anymore. He is living on past success and that doesn't help today! Time to go, adios! There now I am done.

Also how could I forget Kei Igawa? 40 million! 40 million and he is in Scranton. WOW! Its nice to have money but cmon why waste it. You could of got 4 relievers for the 6th 7th and 8th for that. No wonder why we are in a recession. Its wasting money and not even getting value back that's the problem. The sooner the Yankees realize this the sooner they can get back to good solid baseball."

So that was it, but also I also got to say that maybe we should have Hank back running things. He reminds me of George and I think would he would be a little more into the team instead of Hal. So in short, use common sense, invest in a bullpen and don't just spend money to spend it. If they remember who they are and focus they should be back to themselves soon enough. But until they fix that gap between the 7th and 8th innings they are not going to go that far in the playoffs. Someone better get it together over there ASAP!