The NBA Playoffs: Where Bogus Happens

Andres RiveraContributor IApril 25, 2008

After the Orlando Magic pummeled the Toronto Raptors in game one of the NBA Playoffs, Coach Sam Mitchell and his team were forced to make major adjustments.

We all knew that the first thing the Raptors would do is defend the perimeter better than Homeland Security.

But, if there was something unexpected that night, it was the Raptors signing of a HUGE free agent. They signed the only thing that could slow down Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic—the NBA Referees!

I mean games two and three of this first round, I must have seen enough HORRIBLE calls to make me cover my eyes.

I imagine that the Orlando Magic not only feels like they are being robbed, but they may also feel that they are slowly being tortured in one of this year's best horror flicks. What fans did not know is that the Magic is starring in the new "Grudge" movie—"The Grudge 3: Dinocide."

If I recall, the NBA made it a goal to crack down on "flopping".  In fact, the NBA even stated that if a player should be caught in the act of "flopping," then he would be penalized with a personal foul.

What I find hard to understand is why the league makes rules that they don't follow?

There's a saying—"Legends are made in the Playoffs."

The NBA Playoffs are the game's biggest stage. These athletes play at their highest level to reach a championship. In fact, Some of the most memorable moments in NBA history have happened in the playoffs.

There's just one problem...If I'm not mistaken.

It was always the players and the coaches making history, not the referees!  This goes out to Bob Delaney and any other NBA referee that has taken part in the last two games between the Magic and the Raptors—let the players become STARS!

While Stan Van Gundy and the rest of the Orlando Magic have to keep their mouths shut, I don't have to!

I am going to let it be known to the world that the officiating in these past two games have been the worst I have seen in my life.

Question—why is it that as soon as Dwight Howard or any other magic player gets the ball, a Raptor goes flying and draws an offensive foul on a helpless magic player?

However, if the Magic were to do as much as touch or breathe on a Raptor, it's an automatic foul.

Listen—the Dinosaurs are extinct!  They don't need extra protection from another meteor!

Oh wait, here's another question.  Why is it that the Raptors can smack talk the Magic or even push, pull, and grab? According to the referees that's okay?

You see, I have a problem with this scenario as well. 

As soon as the Magic players do as much as look at the Raptors in a vicious way, there is some sort of technical foul or delay of game—whatever the referees can pull out of their...whistle.

Whenever a referee limits the results or outcome of a game, it's wrong.

Why take away from the fun and excitement of a basketball game when you can just as easily make it a better sport?

To Stan Van Gundy and the rest of the Orlando Magic I say, excellent work!

Even though you have had the disadvantage, you have remained persistent and have fought through all adversity.

As a faithful Magic fan, I am proud of this team and know that they will come out victorious once again.

As for the rest of the NBA—let's be fair.

Let's make the game what it should be instead of what it shouldn't be. Let's help create a fun and memorable experience at every NBA game.

Other Notes: I predict that the Magic bounce back from their miserable shooting and win game four to take a 3-1 lead back to Orlando.