NBA Finals: Magic Benching Who Got Them There

Matt SheaCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

The fourth quarter of Game Four hits quick. Only down four, the Magic go on a bit of a run to open up the fourth and get back into a game that looked like it may be all Lakers. Benching Alston for a seemingly healed, but not 100 percent Nelson seems smart, but c'mon Coach, really?!? I don't agree with what's taken place in this NBA Finals by the Magic.

First, you slap Anthony Johnson in the face, the grizzled veteran who has more defense and driving ability in one finger than Nelson could have in his whole body at this point. Then, making an already unhappy bench growl and swear, you replace Rafer Alston with Jameer who committed turnovers in the third and when the Magic were only down by four.

Jameer had a couple nice assists to Dwight at the end the third and and the start of the fourth, yet he shouldn't have permanently taken the place of the battle-tested "Skip" or A.J.

When it comes down to it, I feel the worst for the Magic fans who invested so much in this team, only to witness them crumble and combust in the second half of a game that was theirs to win.

The players, coaches, and entire organization should be reflecting on the following: 1. Think about what you did wrong, 2. How to solve it, and 3. Smoke a big ol' fatty and get ready for Game Five.

These AMAZING fans deserve a better effort from their team late in the game and deserve another win to make all the effort of getting dressed and being loud in the Amway Arena worthwhile.

Most of all, the fans shouldn't have to watch the Lakers celebrate victory in Orlando in front of their front-runner fans. Time to get it together and make Kobe EARN it for once.

Good luck Stan and the Magic organizationI'll be watching and waiting to live to fight another day as a fan. Most of all, we're proud of you guys for getting this far, now do it for the fans. GO MAGIC!