The Rey Mysterio Mask Angle Is a Joke

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

It seems the WWE is running an angle between Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho which would probably lead to a championship vs. mask match.

I have no problem with this since its a Lucha Libre tradition to have these types of matches. There is nothing better than to see two masked luchadores fight for honor.

In Lucha Libre, the mask is the most sacred possession. Its bigger than all titles in any promotion. If its AAA or CMLL, it doesn't matter. The mask is the biggest possession for a wrestler and the sublime trophy for an opponent.

With this angle, the WWE is spitting into the face of true fans once again. How can a wrestler who already lost his mask 10 years ago, can "wrestle" to not lose it again.

Believe or not, in Mexico there is a thing called La Comision de Lucha Libre. Which is a wrestling commission in charge of making valid title changes and "luchas de apuesta" which are the mask vs. mask or hair vs. hair or even the hair vs. mask matches.

This commission is in charge of making sure the result is respected. If a wrestler loses his match, he can no longer wrestle with his mask anymore.

Either he wrestles with no mask, or gets a whole different character and mask to continue wrestling under the commission laws.

More than law, is tradition in Lucha Libre. I would say that 99 percent of the people in Mexico dont know that Mysterio lost his mask 10 years ago, otherwise, there would be outrage.

A few years back when the WWE first came to Mexico, they faced a problem with the commission due to Mysterio wearing his mask.

They were not allowing him to wrestle with the mask, I don't know what agreement the WWE made with the commission, but they finally let him wrestle with the mask.

The WWE first spit on the lucha libre traditions by pushing Rey Mysterio to wrestle with the mask even though he lost it at WCW.

But now by pushing the Chris Jericho feud in that direction, they are hitting a nerve in Mexican wrestling fans.

Its a shame that tradition is not respected in the WWE. I know many people don't care, but there is a code in Lucha Libre and it's being broken.