Why Panic ?, It's Just Soccer MR Perez

Yoni JanisContributor IJune 12, 2009

All I can think about in the last 24 hours or so is how wrong as the World of Soccer become. In a world with kids who have no Food, it is just soccer MR Perez.

Yeah Real Madrid had their problems, but lets not forget they are 1 year removed from a championship basically with the same squad. And even more Barcelona had this great season basically with the same squad (except Alves and Pique no one made a true impact).

People in Football forget that every season is a new one, and players have better or worse form from season to season, especially team form. Just 3 years ago Barcelona won the Championship, and everyone thought the team would last a decade.

Whats the panic with Real, I mean the Galacticos wern't that successful. The main problem with them was they had no defence, which seems to be the same problem now other then Ramos. Pepe says he lost desire to play the game, and the rest are either old or middle of the pack quality.

If they continue buying midfield players, who is gonna pass the ball, and how will they get enough touches, are you kidding me I hear they wan't Ribery, What a mistake for both sides (for Real another guy who needs touches and for Ribery might lose his spot in the starting eleven by mid season, no need for him), if they really want another attacking player they could use a striker.

Real really need a left back and 2 center backs before anything else. Maybe Gael Clichy and Nemanja Vidic would be good fits.

I truly believe Real Madrid will live to regret this summer and hopefully I am wrong as  a Real fan, but no Footballer his worth this kind of money and you need to build a team from youth and the add the missing pieces, not the opposite buying the best and filling the rest with whatever, which is what Perez did last time in charge.

This summer is truly the summer I wish as a kid I would pick Barcelona, because Real is turning into what I most dislike.

In the end if you would just keep Robben, who isn't that far from Ronaldo (practically the same thing with out the great shot) you might have money for more important things and maybe could spend it on more depth, in the end it is just Soccer.