NASCAR Announces Green Initiative at MIS

Patti RodischAnalyst IJune 12, 2009

LONG POND, PA - JUNE 07:  A pack of cars race during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pocono 500 on June 7, 2009 at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

NASCAR on Friday announced they are going green, with NASCAR Green Clean Air.

In an effort to help capture carbon emissions that 43 racecars emit every weekend will plant 10 new trees for every green flag starting this year at 10 tracks and at every track starting in 2010.

NASCAR which has  often been chided for not doing more to go green with their race cars are taking a huge step forward in reducing it’s effects on the environment.

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said, “This is a first, important step in an ambitious five-year plan to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of NASCAR, while raising awareness of conservation among fans, our goal is to be an environmental leader not only in sports but in all industry.”

NASCAR does hope to roll this program out with all three of the touring series; NASCAR will be planting 20 acres of trees each year.

The Sprint Cup series is at Michigan International Speedway this weekend. The speedway which has been leading the charge with NASCAR will match the tree planting initiative by NASCAR.

NASCAR has been doing other things in around all the tracks to help the environment and educate fans on how we can do our part.

Many NASCAR drivers are outdoorsman and driver Ryan Newman took part in the tree planting ceremony on Friday.

“I think everyone knows that I am a big advocate for conservation and preservation of our environment,” Newman went on to say. “In fact, that’s one area of focus for the Ryan Newman Foundation through the Racing for Wildlife program.

"I want to encourage kids and future generations to get out and enjoy the outdoors like I did when I was a kid, whether it is through fishing, hiking or just sitting outdoors. I’m proud to be part of NASCAR’s new green initiative to help the environment.”

The tree-planting program is just one part of the NASCAR industry’s growing green initiative.

There is strong waste management, land conservation and bottle-and-can recycling programs at NASCAR-sanctioned race tracks; all oils and car fluids used at the track are recycled by Safety-Kleen; Goodyear recycles all tires used in racing; Exide provides a recycling program for racing batteries and all

NASCAR offices have introduced a recycling program aimed at 100 percent recycling. Two new NASCAR office buildings, the 20-story NASCAR Plaza in Charlotte led by NASCAR and the new headquarters building for ISC and NASCAR in Daytona Beach, will qualify for LEED certification, an important and relatively rare distinction making them “green buildings.”

Additionally, tracks are planning several significant renewable energy efforts that will be announced soon.

Since 2004, NASCAR has committed more than $50 million in advertising and promoting “Be Car Care Aware,” which encourages motorists to take care of their vehicles, reduce emissions and improve gas mileage.

NASCAR is stepping up and leading the way in the green initiative in motorsports. They are doing their part now it’s our turn as fans to do ours. Remember to recycle all plastics and paper both at the track and at home.

If you are working on your car don’t just throw out oil please take it to a car care center and they can dispose of it properly.

As fans of this sport we can do our part at the track and away to reduce our carbon footprint.

Want to know you carbon footprint go to  click on environment and society and check it out.

Source: nascarmedia