Urban Meyer Or Tim Tebow: Who's The Coach?

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Urban Meyer Or Tim Tebow: Who's The Coach?
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    Yeah, i said it. One of the greatest coaches in Florida football history could be a fraud. Is he really that good of a coach? Is he the coach? I thought the mighty Tim Tebow was the coach of that team? I'm joking Florida fans, I'm joking. Lets face it, if Tebow would have signed with Alabama, then "Iron Mike Shula" would still be coaching today.

    Lets just look at the Florida playbook, shall we? Oh, here it is. Tebow run right. Tebow run left. Shuffle pass and maybe a stretch play here or there. Who couldn't coach that. Is he really doing anything? Why would he have to with "Superman" at your disposal.

   If Urban Meyer didnt have Tebow, would he have a national championship? Would he even still be the coach at The University of Florida? I'm betting, no way. Ok, he still may be the coach. I'm not going to take anything away from his recruiting. I mean, he did get Tebow.

   Lets look at Mr. Meyer in the pre-Tebow years. One game that stands out is the beatdown he took by Mike Shula. I think Prothro just caught another touchdown pass as I was writing this. Yep, he did. Alabama now has 80 points in that game. Come on, Mike Shula? Tommy Tuberville even beat him. Matter of fact, didn't "ears" beat Meyer two years in a row, with Tim Tebow? He did.

   Look, don't get me wrong. I know he's a good coach. Look what he did with that Utah team. Oh wait, was that Meyer or the new guy? What's his name? No, it was Meyer. My point is, did he really do that good of a job at Utah? Even the assistant coach took that team to an undefeated season and a Sugar Bowl win against Alabama.

    Another reason why I question Meyer is the arrest at Florida since he's been there. I can't even begin to remeber all the drama over the last four years with the Florida football players. I do know that you could have a prison all-star team with the players that have got into trouble under Meyer's watch. He may get his third championship before the season starts. The "Fulmer Cup" championship.

    As soon as Timmy Tebow graduates, I'm betiing Meyer hits the road to beautiful South Bend. Then he will have a reason for not being able to win. Well, until he finds the next Tim Tebow. 

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