The 2010 Entries and The Politics Of It

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - MAY 22:  FIA President Max Mosley arrives in pitlane before practice for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 22, 2008 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Now that the immediate suspense of the FOTA entries are over we need to wait for another week. As the British GP progresses we will be witness to quite a few real off track events which will have a bearing on the future of F1. Next seven days will dictate who will be placed where.

No sooner had the FIA published its list, it had driven a direct wedge between the teams with Ferrari, Red Bull and STR not being made liable while the other teams, Brawn GP, Toyota, BMW, Renault and McLaren being asked to cooperate and find an amicable settlement at the earliest, of course the deadline being 19 June.

This sparked off a series of Press Releases from Red Bull, STR and Ferrari all suggesting that they had in fact been on the same side and something was amiss. All the press statements went to say they are integral part of FOTA and its mission.

I did not think much when people told me that F1 sans big names will be a lot stupid, it was really true than I imagined to think when I saw the other three names of USGP F1, Manor and Campos.

It made me go in search of all the three on Google. USF1 was a different website but google had lot of news material about US F1 and of course the Danica Patrick connection. Chances are you could see a lady drive an F1 car soon.

As regards Manor, I wasn't able to get to a website but I found they are also racing in European Championship and the like. Manor is based in Sheffield and has been active in racing since 1990. Antonio Pizzonia, Kimi have been a part of these motorsports group in 90s and now they are in Renault F3.

As for the history of Campos Grand Prix, it goes back to the year 1998 when Adrián Campos decided after having successfully competed for more than 18 years in formula racing and tourist trophy events, that it was time to launch his own racing team. Marc Gene has been a part of their driver lineup. Well you would be surprised to learn that one Fernando Alonso was a part of Karting team at Campos. Also successfully running now at GP2.

Now for those prominent names which we expected, Prodrive was looking like it had an entry in its bag, and so too was Lola with lot of people expecting it to be racing at F1.

Prodrive said it was really sad and disappointed at the news and may be all hope is not lost though and they remain positive. (read June 19)

The FIA stunt to split the teams has not worked. Except Williams and Force India no other teams seems to be driving on the FIA side of the road. So is it just a tactic to buy time or is it that we can be sure of a new series? The Press releases said it all, even before that Stefano Domenicali had categorically said that Ferrari's could not be considered an automatic entry.

But one thing is sure: there will be more action than you can ever imagine till the next Friday. If all the teams marked with an asterisk and those who have vowed allegiance to FOTA pull out, you have 5 teams in the fray; makes it 10 cars on the grid, you could be running a GP2 kinda series for sure.

I sincerely hope that common sense prevails at FIA. One man cannot hold the sport to ransom and we have had enough of Max, Maximum destruction in minimum time. In the garb of Budget caps, do we need to reduce a Fantastic F1 to another feeder series in all earnest. At this time, it is also noteworthy to point out the way FOTA has been crusading against FIA.

Will wait and watch.