WWE/TNA Smackdown for June 12: Randy Orton Makes Special Guest Appearance

Ben SampsonContributor IJune 12, 2009

4:50 PM, Friday, June 12, 2009: Seattle, Wash.

A cell phone rings.

(Unknown): Hello?

(Unknown2): Good, I finally got a hold of you. I’ve been calling for three hours.

(Unknown): That’s the reason why I’ve been hearing the phone. So, what did you want to talk about?

(Unknown2): I was thinking, maybe I’d go along with the plan tonight. It would work, since he’s going to be on Smackdown.

(Unknown): Okay. Are you going to do what you did last time, or are you going to take another approach?

(Unknown2): I was thinking of another approach, because I don’t want to be unfair, and he can have a chance to fight back.

(Unknown): Okay, see you later.

(Unknown2): Bye.

Cell phone is turned off.

Unknown: He’d better do it, or else…

Randy Orton stands in the Smackdown ring with his cronies from Legacy (Dibiase and Rhodes).

Orton: Finally…Randy Orton…has come back…to Smackdown…as the WWE Champion.

(Crowd boos)

Orton: At Extreme Rules, I defeated Triple H in a Hell in A Cell. That’s why I have a brace around my arm; and to make this clear to Adam Roberts, next week on Raw, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes will take on John Morrison for the Raw Impact Championship. They will co-own the title, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, because I went to Vince and he agreed with me.

(Crowd chants: “WE HATE LEGACY” *clap clap clapclapclap*)

Orton: Now, I am out here to address the Smackdown locker room. I’ll give any of you a match tonight against me, and if you can win, you will be added to the steel cage match at the Bash.

(Crowd chants: “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!”)

Orton: Now, with that being, that challenge does not include Kurt Angle, or any non-wrestling talent. Yes, you all now I’m talking about The Rock.

(Crowd chants: “We want Rocky!” *clap clap clapclapclap*)

(Rhodes grabs microphone from Randy)

Rhodes: All of you shut up! Your champion has something to say!

(Crowd boos; Rhodes hands microphone back)

Orton: Now, as I was saying, it seems as if none of you want to answer my challenge, so I guess I’ll-

(“This Fire Burns” plays and CM Punk comes out from backstage with Rhyno)

Punk: Rhyno would like to take you up on your offer.

(Crowd chants: “Gore! Gore! Gore!”)

Punk: But, there’s a problem; I want to accept it too.

Orton: We can make it a triple threat match.

Punk: That doesn’t solve anything, Randy. You see, back in April, I competed at Wrestlemania 25…and won this *points to MITB briefcase*.

(Crowd cheers)

Punk: Now, then, I will take you up on your offer, but I’m going to make it a title match.

(Crowd chants “CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!”)

Punk: Before I go, there is one question I want to ask the crowd. Cheer as loud as you can for the choice you want to make. Should I have the match now, or later?

(Crowd erupts for “right now”)

Punk: It’s settled then.

Orton (seething): Woah woah woah! You can’t just do that!

Punk: Then what do I do with this briefcase?

Orton: …

Punk: I need a ref out here! Rhyno… (Whispers: Attack his cronies”).

(Rhyno charges the ring and hits a double spear on Rhodes and DiBiase; Orton stares him in the eyes and hits a picture-perfect RKO while Punk dashes into the ring with a referee)

Match #1: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton- WWE Championship:

Punk flies at Orton with a lariat (clothesline), knocking the champion out of the ring. He then executes a slingshot crossbody by using the ropes to propel himself. Champion and challenger fall to the ground. Punk kips up (gets up right away) and dropkicks Orton’s skull.

The WWE Champion is not in a good situation. Punk waits for Orton to get on his knees, and then applies a hammerlock can opener (hammerlock + forcing the head into the head). Orton yells in aggravation. Punk finishes the submission with a kick to the stomach.

The Straightedge Superstar jumps back onto the apron, and waits. When the Legend Killer gets to his feet, his challenger flies at him, but he hits an RKO while Punk is in mid-air. With Punk dazed, Orton gets a chair, and hits his challenger once in the skull.

Randy slides back into the ring, places the chair in the middle, and gets ready to pounce once Punk enters the ring. Punk struggles to get up; the shot from the chair has turned the tables on him. He holds onto the table for support. After about a minute, Punk gets to his feet. The crowd goes wild.

Punk jumps over the top rope into the ring, and Orton strikes with an RKO, but Punk grabs onto the ropes for leverage, and Orton has set himself up for his own trap! CM Punk waits for Orton, grabs him in a fireman’s carry position, and hits a GTS (fireman’s carry with a knee to the face).

He motions for a pin, but decides to apply the Anaconda Vice…with a steel chair. Punk places Orton’s head in the middle of the chair and applies the Vice. Orton thrashes, but the Straightedge Superstar bashes his head into the chair to soften him up.

After about a minute, Orton is limp. The referee raises his hand and lets it drop…1…2…no! Orton is still in this match. Punk applies more pressure and forces Orton’s legs to support his body, with Orton’s head hitting the canvas. This is a difficult hold to escape from, even for the best; Orton taps out, and CM Punk becomes the new WWE Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: CM Punk

West: That was amazing! Pay-Per-View quality!

Styles: Punk, using his submission technique, was able outlast Randy Orton and change the Anaconda Vice into a deadly technique. I’m going for an interview!

(Orton rolls out of ring seething and yelling, “I will have the last laugh!”)

Styles (with microphone): CM Punk, what a night. You are the only person to have ever held the ECW title, the WWE title, and the WWE World Heavyweight title [Big Show held the WCW version of WHC; I don’t count that]. You are on top of the WWE. How do you feel?

Punk: Right now, I’m feeling really great, despite the chair shot (laughs). But after a while, I’ll be really serious, because everyone in the WWE wants a piece of me.

Styles: What is the name of that deadly technique?

Punk: I thought about that, and it’s the Emergency Stretcher.

Styles: Thank you for the interview, and have a great night!

(Styles walks back to announce table)

West: I can’t believe that just happened.

Styles: I can. Also, tonight, there will be another title defense as our main event.

West: Who? Who?

Styles: It will be X Division Champion A.J. Styles vs. John Cena for the title, and Cena doesn’t look too happy about losing that title.

West: Sooner or later, you’re going to have to lose the title.

Styles: That’s what I said…

(Commercial break)

West: And welcome back to Smackdown Xplosion, where the fast-paced action will keep you on your seats!

Styles: That is right, and tonight, we have Ben Satterly making his debut against former X Division titleholder John Cena.

Match #2: Ben Satterly vs. John Cena:

The bell rings three times.

Mean Gene: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. The winner of this match will receive an X Division Championship bout.

(“My Time Is Now” plays and Cena runs out to a big pop).

Mean Gene: From West Newbury, Mass., weighing in at 248 pounds…John Cena!

(Ben Satterly comes out to “Renegade” by (HED) Pe)

Gene: From Newcastle, England, weighing in at 172 pounds…The Man That Gravity Forgot…Ben Satterlyyyyyy!

West: Satterly making his Smackdown debut, and from watching his matches online, I must say he deserves to be the Man That Gravity Forgot.

Styles: Well, we’ll see how well he fares against Cena, and possibly against A.J. Styles.

Satterly and Cena pace around the ring. Cena rushes at Satterly, but the young gun jumps over Cena and he trips into the corner.

Satterly sprints over the corner, propels himself to the top rope and hits a moonsault leg drop on Cena’s back.

Cena is having frustration problems, and he charges at Satterly once more, but the Gravity Definer pulls the Champ into a sunset flip pin. He only gets a 2-count, but still keeps coming strong, as he applies an armbar to Cena.

The Doctor Of Thuganomics is stressed and tries to break the hold, but his emotions completely change his game plan.

Satterly breaks the hold and executes a shooting star double knee drop on Cena’s stomach. He goes for another pin, but Cena kicks out. Both competitors kip up and trade blows, with Cena getting the upper hand.

The Chain Gang Soldier clotheslines the agile Satterly, and tries to go for a STF, but Ben rolls Cena over and uses his strength to break the hold. He then goes for a standing moonsault, but over-rotates into a flip.

Satterly backs into the corner, runs, and tries a standing corkscrew 450 splash, but Cena moves and Satterly hits the canvas full force.

Cena picks up his opponent and Irish Whips him. John then runs and hits a flying shoulder block. He waits for Satterly, then executes a belly to back suplex (Protoplex).

Raising his hand in the air, Cena gets ready for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. He bounces off the rope, and falls with a fist, but Satterly moves out of the way.

Cena hurts his hand, and tries to heal it, but Satterly executes a spinning kick, flipping Cena, then grabs him for a sit-down powerbomb.

Taking to the ropes, Satterly hits a double moonsault, gets the pin, and is named the new #1 contender for A.J. Styles’ title.

Winner: Ben Satterly

Satterly exits the ring, and Cena is enraged. He grabs a microphone to talk.

Cena: First, I receive a Styles Clash from 20 feet up and lose my X Division Championship to A.J. Styles. Then, I lose to this new guy. Have I been losing my touch?

(Cena pauses)

Cena: Maybe I am losing it. All I know is that A.J. Styles needs elevation to actually beat me, so that just makes me better…than him.

(Crowd boos)

Cena: You people know I’M THE BEST wrestler in the WWE. I’m a five-time World champion, and I deserve a rematch with A.J. Styles.

(Crowd chants: “Cena sucks!”)

Cena: I guess it’s time we went back to Basic Thuganomics, yo. Peace out.

(Cena leaves to “Word Life”)

Styles: Back to Basic Thuganomics…I guess Cena needs his thuggin’ dose.

West: You aren’t punny, Joey.

Styles: Neither are you.

West: Anyways, last week, Smackdown General Manager Dwayne Johnson said that at the Nash, Rob Van Dam will face Shelton Benjamin for the Legends Championship. You know who I also want in that match?

Styles: Who?

West: Ben Satterly. Man, he is so good; no wonder they call him the Man That Gravity Forgot.

(PROMO: Backstage)

(Whispering in the background, then Shelton Benjamin appears on-screen)

Rhyno: He’s right-

Punk: Be quiet!

(Shelton keeps walking, then is ambushed by Badass Punks (Punk/Rhyno))

Shelton Benjamin: Oww! Oww! I need help! Mmmpphhh!

(Punk covers Benjamin’s mouth)

Punk: Can it, Benjamin.

Rhyno: Nash and Sting are here!

(Badass Punks and Sting/Nash brawl; Benjamin scampers away, but is hit with a Chair Surf from RVD; RVD throws chairs to Punk and Rhyno and they fend off Sting/Nash)

(Van Dam looks down at Benjamin)

RVD: Watch what you say, or it could hurt you big time.

(RVD and Punks walk away)

(Commercial Break)

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Smackdown Xplosion, and you just witnessed footage that says not to mess with a guy like Rob Van Dam.

Don West: That’s right, and he’s got back-up too in the Badass Punks, WWE Champion CM Punk and Rhyno.

Match #3: Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles, and Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Wang Yang, Kofi Kingston, and Jack Evans:

(Team Styles enters from backstage to “Get Ready to Fly (I Am Remix)” by GRITS)

(Team Yang waits in the ring)

Mean Gene: The following contest is a 6-man tornado tag team match. The team of A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels and the debuting Red against Jimmy Wang Yang, Jack Evans and Kofi Kingston. This is sure to be a bout!

The bell rings.

Both teams charge at each other and start a huge brawl. Styles Irish Whips Jack Evans and executes a powerbomb by throwing Evans in the air. Kofi dodges Red’s spinning wheel kick, and dropkicks him out of the ring, then sends himself toppling over Red.

Daniels applies a standing headlock on Yang, but Yang executes a backdrop. Yang climbs the turnbuckle and lands a leg drop on Daniels. Meanwhile, Evans is pounding on A.J. Styles, but Styles throws Jack Evans into the turnbuckle and starts to get to his feet.

The Japanese Experience pulls Yang out of the ring and proceeds to beat down on him, while Mil Mascaras jumps the barricade disguised as an overgrown fan and beats down on Kofi Kingston. Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles double-team Jack Evans, kicking him in the corner.

Amazing Red sees the fighting on the outside, and decides to send a message to all of the brawlers. He slides back into the ring, runs, bounces off the ropes, and executes a shooting star press over the ropes.

Styles and Daniels have left Jack Evans bruised and battered, and are executing a Pele Kick/Fireman’s Carry combo. Styles climbs the ropes and executes a Spiral Tap.

Daniels applies the Boston Crab to Jack while Styles holds him in a headlock. Evans struggles to escape, but after a couple of minutes, he passes out.

The ref grabs his arm and lets it drop…1…2…3. Team Styles wins by submission.

Styles and Daniels exit the ring while the brawl continues.

(Commercial Break)

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Smackdown Xplosion! We apologize for the sudden commercial break as the brawling was stopped by security.

Don West: What does this mean for Jimmy Wang Yang? Kofi Kingston? The Japanese Experience?

Styles: I don’t know, but our General Manager has an announcement.

(PROMO ON TITANTRON: Rock announcement)

Rock: Last week, Shelton Benjamin said that he would challenge the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the Bash. That same night, I made a Legends Championship match: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin.

(Crowd cheers)

Rock: Although I am going to give Shelton a chance at the title, it won’t be at the Bash; it will be tonight!

(Crowd goes wild)

Rock: Now, if Benjamin loses, after the Bash, he cannot stay on Smackdown. Oh no, he can’t! But, if Angle loses, he can never challenge for the TNA Championship again.

(Crowd screams with delight)

                  Styles: Angle vs. Benjamin tonight! A Sacrifice match!

                  West: Who’s going to lose? Who’s going to win? I don’t know!

                  Match #4: Charlie Haas vs. El Generico:

                 Mean Gene: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

                (Generico walks down the ramp but is ambushed by Haas)

                Haas beats down on El and calls Kevin Nash to help him. Nash comes out with two steel chairs, and the duo proceeds to beat down on Haas’ opponent. Luckily, Mil Mascaras makes the save, fending off Nash. He rolls Haas into the ring and helps his partner up.

Once El Generico enters the ring, he locks up with Haas. Charlie gets a headlock, but El pushes him towards. When Haas bounces back, Generico jumps over Haas, and hits a monkey flip, sending Haas soaring in the air. He goes for the pin and gets a two-count.

He tries to pick up Haas but Haas gets a gut punch on his opponent. He runs towards the ropes, bounces off, and hits a picture-perfect sunset flip, only to have Generico reverse it with a roundhouse kick. Generico goes for another pin, but gets a one-count.

Haas applies the armbar to Generico and pulls with all his strength. The fans clap in unison for El to reverse it, but Haas wraps his legs around Generico’s arm to to give more difficulty to Generico to not submit. Slowly but steadily, Generico pulls himself up, with Haas holding. He slowly gets on one knee, then in a squat, and finally, he stands up.

Generico grabs Haas with the other arm and executes a Brainbustaaaaaaaaaaaa! He goes for the pin, but Haas reverses it into a roll-up, but holds onto the ropes. The referee sees this and stops the pin. Haas argues with the ref, but Generico rolls Haas up and gets the pin.

Winner: El Generico

Generico runs backstage, as he doesn’t want any more ambushes.

Joey Styles: That was a great showing from Charlie Haas and El Generico, but in the end, it was the Mexican superstar who got the win.

Don West: El Generico could become a great star in the near future.

Joey Styles: Let’s go backstage, where our correspondent Jeremy Borash waits with Sting.

Jeremy Borash: Sting, next week, you go one-on-one with the “Wildman” Gary Williams, but tonight, Kurt Angle fights Shelton Benjamin. What are your thoughts on that match?

Sting: Ever since Benjamin joined up with Angle, both of them have been at each other’s throats. I don’t know what will happen.

Borash: Thanks for the interview.

(Commercial break)

(Angle stands in ring)

 Kurt Angle: Welcome back to Smackdown!

(Crowd boos)

Angle: Now, tonight, I’m going to defend my TNA World Championship against a man who thinks he is better than all of you…Shelton Benjamin.

(Mixed reaction from crowd)

Angle: Now, since I don’t think Benjamin deserves a title shot, I will hit him with my good buddy Steel.


(Holds up chair)


Angle: Benjamin, if you think you still want to fight, come out here and do it.


(“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Mr” plays and Benjamin comes out)


Shelton Benjamin: Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. Tonight, I will become World champion, whether I have to tear you apart limb by limb.


(Crowd cheers)


Benjamin: You also seem to have forgotten that if you hit me, you lose, and you don’t get to compete for the TNA title.


Benjamin: So, this match is going to start right now!


(Benjamin waits for ref; ref comes and both walk to ring)


The bell is rung three times. Before Benjamin can lay a finger on him, Angle hits himself with the chair, causing a disqualification.


Mike Tenay: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification…Kurt Angle!


Don West: How does that work?!


Joey Styles: Kurt Angle has certainly shocked us all…and Benjamin attacks Angle! Stomp! Punch! Stomp!


Shelton beats down on Angle, who is injured from Extreme Rules. He grabs the chair from Angle, places it on the ground, and waits for Angle. Finally, when Angle supports himself, Benjamin executes Paydirt.


Styles: Paydirt! Paydirt!


West: Tonight, Shelton Benjamin has sent a message; he wants THAT title!


(Benjamin celebrates with the crowd; cheers of “Shelton!” can be heard)


Styles: This wraps up another episode of Smackdown Xplosion! Ladies and gentlemen, until next week!


Will CM Punk have to give up the gold on Monday Night Raw, when the owners of Raw, ECW and Smackdown meet? Who will he fight at the Bash?


Rob Van Dam has sent a message to Shelton Benjamin, but Benjamin sent a message to Kurt Angle. Will Benjamin be sent away, or will Angle lose his title?


When will Ben Satterly fight A.J. Styles for the X Division Championship?


What is the conflict between The Japanese Experience and Jimmy Wang Yang? What about Mil Mascaras’ sneak attack on Kofi Kingston?


Finally, will Mexican Suicide fight Charlie Haas and Kevin Nash?




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