A NASCAR Crew Chief Allegedly Used Racial Slurs on Marc Davis

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A NASCAR Crew Chief  Allegedly Used Racial Slurs on Marc Davis
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"Three Dumb Moves from the Nationwide Race Saturday Night", was the title of a Bleacher Report article I wrote a few days ago.

In that article, I described the "second dumb thing" to be the fallowing:

"The second dumb move was Brendan Gaughan statement after the race, a shot at one of the oldest black universities in the country, Howard University.

Howard University owned radio station WHUR 96.3 is the sponsor for Marc Davis.

Mr. Gaughan was quoted as saying, 'apparently you get a better education at Georgetown than Howard University.'"

If this statement was made by anyone else, I would say it is bordering on a racial shot, but it was said by Allan Iverson's team mate and room mate at Georgetown University, where they played basketball together and became good friends.

Having said all that, you must agree, it was a dumb statement from a Georgetown educated man, it was at least unbecoming of a Hoya.

I apparently ended that article too soon. There was, allegedly, a fourth dumb move in Saturday's Nationwide race in Nashville.

Marc Davis made what I consider a bone-headed rookie mistake, turning left into the garage when everyone thought he was going into his pit.

Brendan Gaughan was trying to get into his spot, got collected by Marc Davis and ruined Mr. Gaughan's potential top fifteen finish.

That should of been end of story, a rookie mistake, just as I saw Joey Logano make a mistake at the Dover Nationwide race.

Of course they just could not let it go! Here is the rest of this sad story. 

A crew member from Brendan Gaughan's Nationwide team (owend by Rusty Wallace) went to Marc Davis' garage and started yelling, allegedly, racial slurs.

According to an article by Ed Hinton from ESPN.com, descriptions by someone familiar with the situation was quoted as saying  "worse than Hickory" and "ugly."

The "worse than Hickory" description has to do with fans at Hickory Speedway in North Carolina chanting " N.....go home, N.....go home." I assume we all know what I'm saying.

I'm really trying to figure out what could be worse than that word, what can anyone say that would be more hurtful to an African-American.

Would informing the general public to what was said serve any purpose? I don't really know.

If this really did happen, it should not be tolerated by Rusty Wallace or NASCAR.

I do think this would be a good time for NASCAR to spare fans the standard public relation damage control, and carry a big stick, and swing it loud and clear.

Maybe quoting "the big stick" and "swing it loud and clear" are a poor choice of words, but I do think NASCAR has an opportunity to make a strong statement.

They got the ball on their court.

Marc Davis is the only African-American currently running in one of NASCAR's top series. He is a product of the Joe Gibbs Racing diversity program.

I would think this was not the welcome he was expecting as a driver in one of the top series in the world. I'm only guessing. I can't imagine being in his shoes, come to think of it, I do know.

One question comes to mind, where was the team owner or manager? during the radio conversation, and on a tv interview the driver was clearly very angry.

Even if the team principals were not at the track, I'm sure they have a fast and direct way to talk to the team at any time.

I understand NASCAR has suspended Mr. Gaughan's crew chief, and Rusty Wallace Racing is having a team meeting to discuss the incident.

Here is a quote by NASCAR published in NASCAR.COM by the Associated Press
I don't quite understand.

"NASCAR said there was no issue with the conversation between Berry and Davis, only with what Berry said before he reached the garage." end of quote.

Well, here is something we can all agree on, if a person starts calling another names, racial or not, our "CONVERSATION" just got some major issues my dear friends.

No matter where it started. Agree?

This is 2009. I would of guessed most of us would be passed this or at least pretend we are. Agree?

As always, this is just a fans opinion, and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

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