I Need a Name for the Rival Series

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I Need a Name for the Rival Series
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Now that it is almost clear that there will be a rival series, I was just thinking what could be that name, which will be as catchy as F1, and has almost had a cult following in the last 60 years. Well that's what the guys in the picture are thinking about.

Now it will be tough for FOTA to be on the similar catchy name and therefore this initiative to go for a new name a brand which will resurrect the motorsports fans vision of F1 ought to be...

Now your time to suggest some cheeky well sounding and may be yours could be the name before the FOTA announces it. So the names will be added as update as and when you guys keep adding...

Let the naming begin...


The first one we have from Gary Crabbe as "FZP" - Formula Zero Parasites of course  you know who the parasites are...

Formula Zillion (FZ)/ Formula Midas (FM)/ Formula Zero (FZ)(thats like infinity) these three names from Sara our wonderful Community leader.....

Paul adds to the list with Grand Prix One(GP1) / Formula Grand Prix (FGP)

Sara's added suggestion says "RACE" thats taking away the generic name to F1(old name)

PS: The only thing that could undermine our mission for a name could be FIA giving in to FOTA.

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