B/R Turns Into the WWE: I Taste Blood That's Dryin', I Feel Tension Risin'

Raw General ManagerCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

Welcome to my first ever B/R Turns Into The WWE article here on my new GM account. I have made this account in an effort to get the Syndicated Tag back.

I would like to thank everyone for making history once again as Raw broke the record for most reads in this series. Now let's begin!

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. We are live tonight from San Fransisco. Now I would like to introduce to you my new commentating partner, Ray Bogusz. Welcome, Ray.

(Ray) Thanks, Jeff. Well, I did lose on Sunday, so that means I am no longer allowed to compete on the WWE, but they did offer me a commentating job and I took it. I still want to see the action!

(Jeff) How do you feel about watching Connor compete tonight?

(Ray) Well, I still the loathe the guy, but I made a vow not to interfere with the action, so you won't see me attacking him anytime soon.

(Jeff) Another thing that happened last night was that Joe Burgett surrendered the title to Jason Le Blanc.

(Ray) And we will hear from him right now.

(Charisma fills the ring as the new world champion makes his way to t he ring) 

(JLB) The reign of Joe Burgett is officially over. He said he would defeat me at Extreme Rules. He said he would close the case on me and get rid of me once and for all, but instead it was him in that casket and he was rid of once and for all. Right now that case with the dead body of Joe Burgett is floating somewhere in that lake that I dumped him into. I could see it now.

(Sulayman's music hits as he and the other members of the Uprising make their way to the ring)

(Sulay) Just because you got one victory over some worthless wannabe wrestler you think you can come in here and talk as if you're on the top of the world. This is my show! I am the WWE Raw Champion and that means I am the man in charge of Raw!

(Disappear hits as Svyato comes out)

(Svyato) I'm sorry Sulayman, but you're not the one in charge of Raw, I am! And from what I've just seen I think we have our main event. Tonight it will be the WWE Raw Champion, Sulayman vs. The World Heavyweight Champion, Jason Le Blanc.

(Lights go out and as they come back on the Hacker is in the ring)

(Hacker) I want in too!

(Svyato thinks for a moment) How about I give you a match against Shane Howard tonight and if you win, I'll make it a Triple Threat match tonight.

(Hacker) Fine!

(He disappears)

(Jeff) What a main event we should have tonight.

(Ray) Well that's right will either have Sulayman vs. JLB in a one-on-one match or Sulayman vs. JLB vs. the Hacker.

(Jeff) Either way, it should be interesting.   

(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone. Up next is a HUGE match!

(RA) The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Women's Championship.

(Svyato comes out) Hold on, Hold on. It really pains me to say this, but there will not be a Women's Division anymore.


(Svyato) There will not be a Women's Title anymore either. The women will be able to compete with the men and go for their title belts though.

(Mina comes out) It's not fair. I'm the Divas champion; I should not be stripped of the belt just like that!

(Svyato) That is why I have another announcement. I am officially bringing back the European Championship!


(Mina) And will I be contending for it?

(Svyato) Yes, you will. At the Great American Bash, it's going to be a Fatal Four Way for the title. It will be Mina vs. Jen Preston vs. two more competitors that win in qualifying matches. In fact, one of the matches to get into the match will be next as it will be Greg Bush vs....

(An unknown tune hits the ring)

(???) Me, Shockwave.

(Greg Bush entered the ring during the break)

Bell sounds match begins. Greg Bush tries running at him, but Shockwave just throws him into the air. He catches him in the air an hits the Storm Chaser(similar to RKO). He lifts him back up to his feet. He Irish Whips him off the rope and he runs at him as well and delivers a Spinning Wheel Kick.

He just waits there for him to get up. When he gets up Shockwave gives him a punch to the stomach and hits his finisher the Biohazard (similar to Gory Bomb). Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(RA) Here is your winner and new Co-No. 1 Contender for the European Title, Shockwave.

He grabs a steel chair and comes back into the ring. He waits for Greg to get to his feet and nails him right in the head.

(Shockwave) All my life, I've been tormented by the people. Well now, it's my turn!

(He drops the mic and leaves)


(Giorgi and Ben walk into JLB's locker room)

(Giorgi) Just a fair warning. I suggest you drop out of tonight's match or Sulayman will have no choice but to destroy you!

(JLB) I appreciate the warning, but let's be honest, unless you two get involved, Sulayman is losing that match tonight.

(Ben) Listen here. You might be the World Champ, but that doesn't mean you are the best superstar in the locker room.

(Giorgi) Tonight you will know who is the best after Sulayman gives you a big beating.

(JLB) Like the beating I'll give you two now.

JLB spears Giorgi into the locker. Then he hits a Lariat Of Death through the bench on Ben.

(JLB) Does your leader have anything to say to that?

(Sulayman) Actually I do. That was impressive, but not as impressive as what I will do to you.

(JLB and Sulayman exchange stares)


(RA) The following contest is for the No. 1 contendership to the IC championship. Introducing first, Connor Green.

(Connor enters as he exchanges a stare with Ray Bogusz)

(RA) And his opponent, Captain Charisma.

(Captain enters to a huge ovation)

Bell sounds match begins. Captain starts the match off with a running DDT. Here's the cover, 1, Connor kicks out.

Connor runs back at him, but CC flips him to the side. Now he gets on top and locks in the half Boston crab. Connor manages to get to the rope though. Connor gets up only to get scoop slammed. CC pins, 1, 2, Connor kicks out.

CC lifts Connor to his feet, but Connor starts fighting back with big right hands. He finishes off the comeback with a huge uppercut. Connor now throws him to the corner and runs right into him.

Now he gets on the rope and hits a huracanrana from the back. Here's the cover, 1, 2, CC rolls the shoulder.

Connor lifts him up. He takes him and throws him out of the ring. Now he hits the running Suicida (dive out through the ropes). Both men stay lying on the ground until Connor gets to his feet. He takes CC and Irish Whips him into the steel steps.

Now he takes him and slides him back into the ring. As Connor gets into the ring CC hits a one-armed DDT. CC now setting up for the Detonator. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. He wins!

(RA) Here is your winner and new IC No. 1 contender, Captain Charisma.

(Ray) It was a great showing by both men, but in the end the Captain was just better.(RA) The following contest is a "win and your in" match. If the Hacker can defeat Shane Howard he will be added to tonight's main event.

With both men in the ring the match begins. The lights go out and when they turn back on, the Hacker is behind Shane. Shane turns around and the Hacker hits a chokeslam. He covers Shane, 1, 2, Shane kicks out.

Once again the lights go out and when they come back on, the Hacker hits a Death Valley Driver on Shane. He covers again, 1, 2, 3. The Hacker wins.

(RA) Your winner, The Hacker.

(Jeff) So it looks like the Hacker will be in tonight's main event which makes it a Triple Threat Match.


(Interviewer) Please welcome my guest at this time, the WWE Raw Champion, Sulayman. Do you have a game plan for tonight?

(Sulayman) Do I need one? I'm going up against a World Chump not a World Champ. And as for this Hacker character. He just has to stay out of my way.

He is a an untamed creature here that shouldn't have even been allowed into the WWE. I promise him if he gets in between my and Le Blanc tonight, we will never see that Hacker again!    

(Lights flash as Hacker appears in front of Sulayman)

(Hacker) Tonight not only will you lose, but you will officially be Hacked!

(Svyato walks in)

(Svyato) Sulayman, I think we've found your No. 1 contender for the WWE Raw Championship.


(Sulayman) Well, that should be an easy title defense.

(Hacker) I require no titles.

(Svyato) Well, it doesn't matter, because at The Bash it will be Sulayman Vs. the Hacker for the WWE Raw Championship.


(RA) The following is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

(Lights go out and come back on as the Hacker is in the ring)

(RA) The Hacker. Inrtoducing next, he is the World Champion, JLB. And their opponent, he is the WWE Raw Champion, Sulayman.

Bell sounds and it's on. Sulayman hits a DDT to the Hacker right away. When he turns around he gets hit by a spear from JLB. He covers, 1, 2, Sulayman kicks out.

JLB lifts him to his feet and starts giving him lefts and rights until he ends up in the corner. Now JLB gives him some shoulder thrusts. Now he takes him and Irish Whips him into the other. Corner. As he runs at him the Hacker slides into the ring and trips him. He covers, 1, 2, JLB kicks out.

The Hacker takes JLB and throws him out. He goes after Sulayman now. While Sulay is in the corner the Hacker gives him some big kicks to the gut. JLB getting up outside the ring so he takes Sulayman and throws him out right onto Le Blanc.

Now he goes to the top rope and hits the missile drop kick. He takes Le Blanc throws him back into the ring along with Sulayman. When he gets in, he gets hit by a spinebuster from JLB. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Sulayman breaks it.

Sulayman lifts him up and Irish Whips him, but it's JLB coming back strong as he spears him. JLB sets up for his finisher, and hits the Lariat Of Death. After he hits it the Hacker hits him with a BIG Chokeslam. He covers, 1, 2, JLB rolls the shoulder.

He gets up and Sulayman hits a DDT on him. Here is the cover, 1, 2, the Hacker kicks out.

He lifts him back to his feet, but then all of the sudden the lights in the ring start flashing. When they stop flashing the Hacker hits a Death Valley Driver on the WWE Raw Champion. He covers, 1, 2, JLB breaks it up.

The Hacker hits a low drop kick right away and now lifts him up for a Death Valley Driver. He hits it dead on. He pins the World Heavyweight Champion, 1, 2, 3. It's over.

(RA) Here is your winner, the Hacker!

(Ray) Well tonight is the first time we really got to see him in action. He impressed me a lot!

(Jeff) Me too. And in the end that Death Valley Driver was what won him the match.

(Hacker) JLB and Sulayman, you just got Hacked!

(Jeff) If he performs like this at the Bash, we will have a new champ for Raw!     


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