ESPN: The East Coast's Leader In Sports

Justin DahlkeContributor IJune 11, 2009

Living in Lincoln, Neb. it can be quite a challenge to catch sight of a Minnesota Twins game. The team is a rare sight, only seen on television when it is opposing the nearest market with a baseball team, the Kansas City Royals.

So when my favorite team is playing, win or lose, I like to be able to see how the final score is reached. I don't feel like I am asking for a lot; maybe a homer here, or a game saving catch there. However, last night I felt let down by "America's Sports Leader".

I spent last night keeping track of the Twins-Athletics game, tediously through MLB Gameday. I read results of plays and kept an eye on pitch types and locations, but nothing compares to seeing the result of a play.

So last night following the game I tuned in to SportsCenter and waited patiently to see highlights of the game. The game kicked off with a montage to Yankees and Red Sox rivalry.

Following the five-minute highlight came another East Coast game, this time in the National League between the Mets and Phillies. The anchors went on and on about how many home runs were launched out of Citi Field.

After that the show trailed off into the NBA Finals and other games around Major League Baseball. Then came the discussion of the only person who can make headlines by doing everyday chores. Of course I am referring to Manny Ramirez.

Don't get me wrong, I love Manny. I think he is a great player and is very talented, but the never-ending headlines about nothing get tiresome. Talk about him when he returns to the field, give him all the credit he deserves, but for now he is suspended and personally should not be of much importance.

Moving on, the show continued and went into speculation over the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and then back to baseball. After a quick commercial break the show went down it's list of Top Plays and finally ended with two quick highlights of more baseball before ending.

Following the show, I was stunned. I went back on my DVR and tried see if I had missed the highlights from Oakland. In the end I concluded there was nothing to see.

No mention of Kurt Suzuki's RBI double or of Jason Kubel's pinch hit home run to tie the game in the eighth.

In the end, I have always believed in showing popular teams and focusing on national interests. However, after last night I could not believe that ESPN had neglected to even mention a game was played between these two teams.

The show featured at least eight minutes of coverage between the two East Coast rivalries. In addition to leading the show off, the "SportsCenter Express" also restated the results of those two games.

I have never believed in the East Coast bias of ESPN when it comes to sports, and baseball specifically. However, after last night I can't help but wonder if my trust has been misplaced for so many years.