Hulk Hogan Needs to Align with John Cena to Cement Huge Return to WWE

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 25, 2014


Often in pro wrestling, you get iconic moments where stars from different erasor even different sportscombine to provide supremely memorable moments.

The background of WrestleMania is usually a great setting for these moments to happen. And there is an opportunity within the WWE for it to happen at WrestleMania XXX this year.

The biggest star of the past ten years in the WWE could arguably be John Cena. He is the company's top facelike it or notand is at the very pinnacle of the company. Then, you have the most popular wrestler perhaps ever to set foot in any ring all over the worldHulk Hogan.

Hogan is back for another spell with the WWE and is down to be guest host of WrestleMania XXX. However, it seems bizarre for him to simply just act like every other guest host and float around backstage whilst having the odd segment on our screens.

You imagine Hogan is going to be much, much more active than that. Some could have even seen him actively wrestling at the eventalthough thankfully that seems to faded into nothing.

So, what could he realistically do? Perhaps teaming up with the biggest star of this current era would be the perfect way to utilize Hogan. Cena looks set to be on a collision course with Bray Wyatt and his family, but the numbers game will, of course, be a huge problem if Cena is to win.

Perhaps the power, prominence and threat of having Hogan alongside him would be a huge inclusion in the matchfor numerous reasons. First and foremost, it adds an interesting sub-plot to any Cena vs. Bray match that takes place. Having the guest host in Cena's corner seems to balance the scales somewhat and give Cena a bit of supportrather than simply be the victim of three-man beatings every single week.

Also, aligning Hogan with Cena would be hugely beneficial for the ratings of the show. It's widely accepted that there are plenty of people out there who don't warm to Cena. Therefore, sticking one of the most popular and recognizable characters alongside him at WrestleMania could well be a smart solution.

Hogan has previously worked with plenty of huge stars—some of the biggest guys in pro wrestling history no less. John Cena is a guy who very much falls into that category, and it would be one of the best ways to take advantage of Hulk Hogan's return to the WWE.