New York Rangers: My Dream Of Seeing My First Playoff Game Fades Away

Christopher CaiazzoCorrespondent IApril 25, 2008

I know I have been off my game when it comes to writing consistently about the New York Rangers but I have my reasons, and one of them is because I don't want to jinx my team. As you read on you will find out the second.

I have always dreamed about attending a Rangers playoff game and most of it came true. I received two, game three Rangers-Devils playoff tickets for the first time in my life. I was acting like a little kid with a new toy since the tickets were club seating (see above photo), section 96 if your familiar with the Garden. So on April 20th, I took my long time friend, who is a Devil fan, to witness the beating that the Rangers would apply to the Devils. 

As we were about to enter the turnstile, I was stopped by the usher who said, these tickets are for game six. Home game three meant the third home game at the Garden and not the third game of the series. I wanted to burst out in tears and was thinking about running through the usher like a football player.

Instead we went to a bikini bar in Manhattan and watched some of the game, but it was very distracting with beautiful bodies of the female workers, who were trying to hit on us for bigger tips, but my mind was on hockey, not T&A.

After the First period was over we decided to drive home (Brooklyn) and watch the rest of the game while eating Wendy's instead of enjoying a Garden dog and washing it down with an ice cold Bud.

I still had a chance to see the Rangers play but it was a slim one.

With the Rangers up 3-1 in the series, the blue shirts would have had to lose game five in order for me to witness game six. But i wasn't greedy.

As I was watching game five, I was thinking about sitting in my game six club seats, but then it hit me like a sledge hammer, what if they lose game six. I didn't want my Rangers to head back to the Rock for a game seven against the Devils, so I washed that thought out of my head fast and proceeded to cheer for a win.

The Rangers did win game five against the Devils and I couldn't have been happier. I realized I'd rather see my team win than to watch them live and have a chance of them losing the series. That ticket mix-up happened for a reason, and I'm glad it did because now i can watch the New York Rangers take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I still have the Rangers game six playoff tickets for round one and they will be cased and hung on my wall as a memory of what could have been. In the future they will be gazed upon with a smile on my face.