Well What Would You Do With £80million? Buy Newcastle United?

damian crowtherCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2016

Having a lot of money to spend must be wonderful.  You can buy what you want, travel all round the world, stay in the best hotels, drive the most expensive cars.  However in the world if football its slightly different. 

Real Madrid are spending money likes it's going out of fashion (are you watching Michel Platini?) and apparently it's not stopped with talks with Valencia over David Villa.  They seem to have a bottomless pit, although I feel they will have to offload a number of squad players to get them off the wage bill.  They have also caused a huge problem for A C Milan, Manchester United and anyone else they buy players off at inflated prices. Why, because every other team knows they have money to spend and so prices are inflated.  Couple this with Man City and Chelsea's cash and expect to see record amounts of transfer fees paid out this window.

As for United how do they replace the world footballer of the year?  I believe that central midfield is a problem as I talked about in a previous article but I don't think Fergie agrees and replacing Ronaldo is now a priority.  The number of right sided midfielders of true quality is limited and although United have been linked with Valencia and Ribery the price that Bayern are talking about may lead to United going to Wigan.  Valencia ain't Ronaldo but he is more disciplined and will probably cost about £16M.  They might buy both but I see a move for Benzema of Lyon.  Tevez is probably going across town to Eastlands which leaves a big gap upfront with only Rooney and Berbatov together with a lot of young talent.  Benzema is young, physical, good in the air and has two feet.  Oh and he scores goals.  Lyon will probably sell for circa £30M.

That would leave around £40M to spend (assuming Uncle Malc doesn't bank it).  I have a huge admiration for Michael Essien and I feel that he might be available for around £35M but if not then why not ring up Real and enquire about Wesley Sneider.  After all they will be looking to offload some players.

Bu the way it was suggested on a radio phone in that Real could have bought Newcastle and used them as a feeder club.  I'm sure he was a mackem!!