WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IJune 11, 2009

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These results have been a little while coming, so I hope they have been worth the wait.

60 of you were brave enough to take part in my prediction competition for Extreme Rules, which ended up producing some shock results.

The big question is, who saw them coming? Let’s get to the results:


Joint 59th – Four points

Zach Berman

Wyatt Beltz


Joint 47th – Five points


Connor Green

Chedda Bob

Joe Burgett

Malik Williams

Terrel Johnson

Turner Labrie

Shane Howard


Nefatiri H

Gary Johnson


Joint 37th – Six points

Ben Baumbarger

Tori Horn

DJ Rallo

Ray Bogusz


Danny Starry

Josh Logan

Anthony Hammett

Jev Thorpe

Hayley Graham

Alex Brooks


Joint 26th – Seven points

Karl Zimmerman

Adam Testa

Catalina Monsalve

Gevorg Keosayan

Dub Sizzle

Jared Farver


Miguel Cabello

Justin Thomas

Gagan Samra

Emily Breunig


Joint 20th – Eight points

Jen Preston

Kevin Canny

Colinski x

Ste Ecc

Jay Rob

Demetrus Stokes


Joint 18th – Nine points


Benjamin David


Joint 14th – 10 points

Sebastian Cedeno

Tricia Smith

Stuart Onslow

Tripa77 econ


Joint 9th – 11 points

Scott Beeby

Kurt Mehler

Svyato Rovenchuk

Kyle Johnson

Arty The Snail


Joint 2nd – 12 points

Frank Dinardo

Josh McMullen


Dark Shadow

Casey Adkins

Anthony Stewart

Michael Scanion


The winner, with an impressive 13 points

Greg Bush


Greg managed to predict all the matches except the Batista vs. Randy Orton match, which was pretty good considering some of the results.

To clear up any queries regarding the CM Punk cash in, it has no impact on this competition. I have always maintained that this competition only considers scheduled matches, and as such the prediction of the cashing in of Money in the Bank is irrelevant.

Thank you all for your continual participation and I hope to hear from you come The Bash!