The Delgado Disaster

Anthony MartinContributor IApril 25, 2008

Carlos Delgado has to accept the fact that he must retire immediately. That is the only way to put it. He has had a great career, but he's making a pretty decent Mets team worse. Save your reputation and the slight chance you have at making the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Ever since his trade to the Mets, he has declined year by year as an all around player. Currently, in his last ten games, Delgado is 4 for 38 with eight strikeouts. These are recent stats, but his slump has lasted for the past two seasons.

Let's face it, his bat is terrible.  It seems that whenever there is a runner in scoring position with either no outs or one out, he does nothing to contribute to getting that runner in. He'll pop up to the infield, or in foul ground.

Striking him out has become easy in the major leagues. You can get him with a high fastball, an outside sinker (which he ALWAYS swings at), and a low breaking pitch. He claims he's seeing the ball better than last year. Who cares? He still can't hit it. I can see the ball too; it has white leather with red seams.

In the field, it's a joke. When was the last time he dove for a ground ball? Does he want to keep his jersey clean? His fundamentals are also lacking, as proven against the Cubs on Tuesday. He did not cover first on a ball hit to second, but rather he thought the pitcher sixty feet away busting to first base had a better shot at covering the bag. He has three errors on the season so far. Last season he had eight. Slow start? I think not.

Keep dropping him Willie. Put him ninth like Jason Kendall of the Brewers. Delgado is the automatic out in this Mets lineup, not the pitchers. Marlon Anderson or Damion Easley being the everyday first baseman for the Mets would be perfectly fine with me; anyone playing first instead of Delgado is an upgrade.

Bring up Mike Carp, he's batting .420, with 5 home runs and 19 RBI's with AA Binghamton.

My father suggests putting the bat boy in, he might hustle and play harder than Delgado ever has this season.