Boise State Uniforms: Deviously Indistinguishable?

JT RayContributor IJune 10, 2009

BOISE, ID - NOVEMBER 28: Boise State Broncos fans storm the field to celebrate their undefeated season and WAC championship after their game against the Fresno State Bulldogs on November 28, 2008 at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho.  (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)

Recently, the Boise State Broncos unveiled their new uniforms. The announcement made the front page of Yahoo News for a short while, via Dr. Saturday. He states that the uniforms are "still deviously indistinguishable when set against the famous blue turf."

Yes, once again Boise State and its fans have to hear about how the uniforms blend too well with the blue turf at Bronco Stadium. Lou Holtz from ESPN said as much last year when he said he couldn't see the Bronco players on the Blue Turf.  

Well, as a Bronco fan, I tell you it is all true and below is proof.

Now obviously, this is a "photoshopped" image and I am dropping a load of sarcasm.  

You see, if you are the opposing team, the blue uniforms do not blend into the field making the BSU players "indistinguishable."  

The problem with the argument is if the opposing team blames the color of the field as the reason the Broncos have not lost at Bronco Stadium since 2001, while wearing blue uniforms, it is because the opposing team is looking down at the turf during the game and not at the Bronco players.

Here is a fact that all college football fans and media need to get over: the field is blue and will be blue for as long as the NCAA will allow it to be blue. Not one person that has played the game of football has ever blamed the color of the field for a loss.  

No one's ever blamed the field for being the wrong color green, so they can't complain about the Broncos' blue.

Photo Credit goes to Bronco Country member CObronco