Ashes Series: John Buchanan Joins English Camp, Trouble for Australia?

Rocky GettersSenior Writer IJune 10, 2009

COOLUM BEACH, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 30:  A portrait of Australian coach John Buchanan taken during the Australian cricket team portrait session on August 30, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency at Coolum Beach, Australia. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

Former Australian cricket coach John Buchanan has joined the English camp, just days before the commencement of biggest war in test cricket: "The Ashes Series."

It was not unexpected; far from test cricket, when the cricket world was immersed in the magic of its biggest extravaganza: the IPL, there were talks of Buchanan joining hands with the English. Finally, its official.

Buchanan will be part of the "Elite Program", and oversee the progress of the English Under-19 team, and the Lions team. The Lions team takes on Australia in a crucial warm-up game before the first test of the Ashes series.

But its highly unlikely that Buchanan will not extend his stay and give his precious advice to the English test team during the Ashes series.

John Buchanan brings with him a mixed bag. A bag full of talent, ability, a genius cricketing mind, but also controversy and confusion.

There's no doubting Buchanan's cricketing brain. Australia have scripted many memorable victories under his reign, Ashes Series and a small matter of two World Cups included.

He knows how to get the job done. He has an unparalleled hunger for uncorrupted success. Whatever it takes, victory will not be compromised under him.

And of course, he knows the Australian cricket team inside out. He knows their strengths, their weaknesses, their tactics, their mindset...hell, don't be surprised if Buchanan even has a list of the favorite food dishes & pet peeves of all the Australian cricketers stored on his laptop.

This guy means business.

But his presence doesn't guarantee success.

The Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL are a perfect example, of how an amazing team of glorious cricketers completely fell apart under his regime. The more power he assumed at the helm, the worse the situation became in the KKR camp.

Besides, he can only work with what he has got.

Not to belittle English hopes or their courage, but England don't exactly have a team that will terrify the opposition. They have their problems, which they must work on.

With the era of total and arrogant Australian domination over, of course, England will be more than hopeful of winning the series.

But one wonders whether Buchanan's entry into this scene will be favorable to the English or not.

One wonders whether it has spelled doom for the Australians, or merely tickled their aggression more.

But one thing is sure.

John Buchanan joining the English camp has definitely added an extra spice to the already mouth-watering recipe!