WWE RAW: World Wresting Entertainment or World Wrestling Disappointment?

Kenesha Ashley NabriedContributor IJune 10, 2009

The current state of RAW- World Wrestling Entertainment or World Wresting Disappointment?


WWE Championship

Batista entered RAW this past Monday hoping to celebrate his capture of world championship gold. However, there were three uninvited guests in attendance. Legacy and their three-on-one attack, placed Batista out of action for the next four months
with torn left biceps.

Now with the title checked into vacancy, the championship race continues.

Triple H made his big return last Monday on RAW after being on hiatus. The Game started and ended his comeback evening with a brutal assault on Randy Orton.

All is fair in love and war, as Edge divorced his "huge distraction" of a wife, Vicki Guerrero. The fans appeared to be on Edge's side last Monday night, so could he turn "face" again? I prefer Edge as a "heel"; however, I don't think his cockiness will ever leave the building. Edge is usually a Smackdown competitor; however, I expect him to jump ship over to RAW.

Then we have the usual suspects: Boston bred John Cena and the Big Show.

Nothing new, the same song is on repeat here.


Unified WWE Tag Team Championship

Where or where have all the tag teams gone? Is it me, or is the WWE really lacking a tag-team division? There's a new tag team title- Unified WWE Tag Team Championship (WWE Tag Team Championship/World Tag Team Championship)—yet there are no tag teams around to compete.

We have the current tag team champions, Carlito & Primo; Cody Rhoads and Ted Dibiase, who spend most of their time doing Randy Orton's dirty laundry in the group Legacy; Crime Time, who are mostly known for their crip walking and mic skills, and other random combinations of wrestlers from week to week.

The WWE Draft has parted the red sea of great tag teams: Benjamin and Haas, Cade and Murdoch, Rated RKO, The Hardys,  and one of my personal favorites, Miz and Morrison to name a few.

Miz and Morrison were in their prime when they were split among brands.

With no other competition existing, Legacy has a clear path to the champs.


Unites States Championship

This title will keep us on our toes.

Rising Star Kofi Kingston defeated MVP to become new U.S. Champion. Expect MVP to work on regaining his title back.

Believe it or not, MVP is a prime-time player for RAW. He's now considered one of the big guys, to carry the show and bring in the ratings.

It's fun to see the respect shared amongst those two competitors.

Matt Hardy is far from 100 percent; yet continues to appear in matches every week. He may not have a winning record, but he sure knows how to make the opposition look good. Once Hardy recovers from his broken hand, I expect a strong run for this title.

The Miz, outspoken and obnoxious, has made a name for himself on RAW. He's gunning for the whole locker room. I feel the U.S. Championship would be a safe choice for him.

Other random prospects include The Brian Kendrick, Santino Marella, and the old faithful, William Regal.


Divas Championship

Maryse defeated Michelle McCool in late December 2008 to become Divas Champion. She's had a pretty good run as champion.

Competition now include: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Jillian, Rosa Mendes, Nikki and Brie Bella, and Beth Phoenix.

Unfortunately, Phoenix has been downplayed lately. She is very reminiscent of another dominant female in wrestling, Chyna.

Phoenix can't play in the sandbox with the boys, and she plays too strong for the girls. So where does she play?

I am curious to see what direction the WWE will go with this.

Expect Mickie James to become the next Divas Champion. McCool and Maryse have kept this title under their reigns- the fans are looking for a favorite to be on top.


Last thoughts

Will Shawn Michaels return as a singles competitor? Or will he return as the general manager of RAW?

Raw General Manager, Vicki Guererro, recently gave her resignation.

When will he make his return? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, no matter
what position Michaels decides to take, we will welcome him back with open arms.

So looking at the current state of Raw- do you see it as World Wrestling Entertainment or World Wrestling Disappointment? You be the judge.