MLB Betting Tips For Profitable Bankroll

ctsports picksAnalyst IJune 10, 2009

When it comes to baseball most novice bettors really don't know how to successfully make profitable wagers in MLB. Today we have compiled some of the best sports handicapper in the industry to give some of there tips to making profitable wagers. Not many top sports handicappers like to divulge there rules and tips to live by but CT Sports Picks has got a few for all of you.

Moneyline Home Underdogs: Moneyline Wagers are the most common sports wager for MLB bettors. When analyzing your potential bets for a given day take extra special attention to home moneyline underdogs. Home field advantage is so important in baseball and even the worst MLB teams are usually around .500 at home.

Run Line bets on heavy favorites: Never wager on a money line favorite over -165 instead if you feel that strong about a team look at the Run Line -1.5. Run Line means a team has to win by two runs for you win the sports wager. By giving up the -1.5 you will turn a heavy favorite into around even money or better.

MLB Totals: Most bettors fall in love with the over total in all sports. The last eight years the over has hit 46%, the under hit 48%, and pushed 6%. The average number of runs in a game the last eight years has been 9.20!! So before making an over bet really analyze the play.

Bullpens: Most novice MLB bettors don't analyze team bullpens nearly enough. Hardly any pitchers no matter how good they are go complete games now a days. So a bad bullpen or a bullpen that has been used many times in recent games can give up sports betting profits. If you really like the starting pitching matchup but don't like a bullpen then take advantage of the first 5 innings lines. The first 5 innings MLB wager is somewhat new but can be very profitable.

Sports Handicappers do not give up there secrets very easily but CT SPORTS PICKS has compiled the information for all of you to enjoy. MLB betting profits can be hard to come by more than any other sport but taking the tips from our sports handicappers can really help put you on winners!!

To get more sports betting tips and free sports handicapping picks come to !! Enjoy the MLB betting tips and hope all of you have big profits this MLB season!!