Dale Hartt Wins in the Most Unexpected Way

MMADieHards.comCorrespondent INovember 5, 2016

Written by Danny Burnham

Last December, UFC Lightweight Dale Hartt won his first fight in the octagon. At the end of the fight, he stood in the center of the cage and referee Donny Jessup raised his hand. But Hartt’s first win in the UFC didn’t come about quite like he thought it would. 
Early in the second round, Hartt’s opponent, Corey Hill, suffered a broken leg after Hartt checked his leg kick. 
“People ask me about it all the time. What was I thinking, or how did I feel?” Hartt said. “Of course I wanted a win, but I didn’t want to get it like that.” 
Hartt’s next fight will come against Dennis Siver at UFC 99 on June 13, and he isn’t concerned about anything like that happening this time around.

“Things happen," Hart said. "It was kind of surreal at the time, but it’s really not going to bother me."
Fighting in the UFC has been a goal of Hartt’s for a long time. He has known he wanted to be with the organization since its early days.  
“It’s always been a dream of mine” Hartt said. “Ever since the first UFC with Royce Gracie and all those guys I knew, I wanted to be there.” 

“I hate to use the same word again, but it’s kind of surreal,” Hartt said. “The UFC is the top promotion in the world. I kind of feel like I’ve made it, so win or lose, I can’t complain.”
Hartt is particularly happy about fighting at UFC 99, as he’ll be joining his friend Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis on the card.
“I’m very excited to be fighting in the same event with Marcus,” Hartt said. “He was my coach for a long time, and he’s always been kind of a hero to me. I want to do well for him and myself.”
A veteran of the US Navy, Hartt believes his experience helps him prepare for competition in MMA.

“Training for the Navy is really easy, and training for MMA is very hard,” Hartt said jokingly. “I’m kidding. The Navy is all about minding your P’s and Q’s. They teach attention to detail, and consistency. Those things are key in this sport.” 
When it comes to the type of training he is doing in preparation for his meeting with Siver, Hartt seems to be taking a different approach than most.

“I’ve been going to strip clubs and doing a lot of drinking. I just want to try something that no other fighters are doing,” Hartt said. 
Seems like fitting training for a sailor.

You can catch Dale Hartt on his web site, combatfitness.ning.com.

Photo courtesy of Fight! Magazine