Thanks to Bad Rory McIlroy Shot, Fan Gets Introduced to a Whole Bunch of Cactus

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 19, 2014


Certain sports seem to be far more entertaining from home. Take golf, for instance, because there is no way you can fall into a cactus while watching Rory McIlroy on your television.

Such was the plight of one individual who thought it would be mighty swell to catch the golf star bash the ball around the links at the Match Play Championship from Marana, Ariz.

Thanks to social media and the keen Internet eye of CBS Sports' Kyle Porter, we have a couple of jarring images to show you.

First, here is a Vine video from CBS' Eye on Golf of McIlroy chipping out of the very dry and rough stuff. The caption reads, "Rory might have just smoked a cameraman."

Hey, it happens.

We certainly hope the cameraman is doing fine, but there is a reason we all don't bust out a smartphone and capture our buddies teeing off from out in front.

However, taking a golf ball off the body wasn't the only tragedy of this one chipped shot, because a fan tried his best to dodge the errant object like Neo getting out of the way of Agents' bullets.

He did not succeed.

One spectator managed to get out of the way of McIlroy's shot, but he couldn't avoid the cactus nearby.

Via Golf Channel's tweet:

The caption states the fan was knocked into a jumping cholla. Not being all that knowledgeable about desert plants, I thought this was simply the cast of Mi Vida Loca jumping rope. As it were, this is actually a cactus.

Here's a video breaking down the frustrating jumping cholla:

A tip of the hat to For the Win for spotting video of the entire golf ball debacle. Enjoy!

As for McIlroy, the rest of his day went rather well, and he managed to move ahead in the bracket with his play against Boo Weekley on Wednesday.

For the next few days, McIlroy will no doubt encourage cameramen and fans to stand clear or, at the very least, look out for possible desert plants that might ruin the day.

For the remainder of the week, go ahead and enjoy all the festivities, but possibly wear a couple of layers.

You never know when you will be tossed into a cactus.