The NBA: Why I Love This Game

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The NBA: Why I Love This Game
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For every fan of the NBA, at least one player stands above all others, who earns your deepest admiration, and who makes watching him play “must see” TV. For me, that player is the big beast of the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard.

As I mentioned in a response to fellow B/R writer Frances White, it is hardly surprising that so many fans choose big Dwight for their fantasy teams. He features in so many of my fantasies that I could never imagine missing an opportunity to see his rippling muscles in action.

Seeing big Dwight take it to the hole is one of the most exciting things I can imagine, especially when he finishes things off by jamming it in. Yowsah!

Although I enjoy seeing man to man action any day of the week, I think it’s particularly exciting to watch Dwight being double or even triple-teamed !!! Watching him work his way to the rim against such resistance is simply the best!

Another thing I really love about Dwight is that he does not mess around. A lot of players pump fake, but Dwight rarely resorts to such disappointing tactics. When he grabs the ball low, he shoots like a real man with dominating authority.

Finally, even though I like the idea of Dwight shooting deep from time to time, the vision of his post up is more exciting to me.

Dwight Howard floats my boat and is one of the main reasons I love watching the NBA.  Who excites you?

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