NBA Championships So Easy Even A Caveman Could Do It

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NBA Championships So Easy Even A Caveman Could Do It
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NBA Championships so easy even a caveman could do it!(See Pau Gasol) If there is any dispute that the NBA is not rigged we can now completely put it to rest. We know that the NBA will NOT miss out on extra playoff series tv ratings and revenue.

It is not possible for so many series to go to seven games. David Stern to staff, Do not forget the conference calls with the referees for tonight's finals! "Now guys (and gals) we need you to stretch things out a bit. Only call charges on the Magic and load up Dwight Howard with early fouls and DO NOT blow the whistle against Kobe!

After our meeting last week, I thought we had an understanding about LeBron. You guys don't seem to get it! Nike has bought a $10 million campaign from us with the puppets! We MUST have your cooperation or NO playoffs for you next year!

Now let me get this straight, in February 1, 2008 the Memphis Grizzlies traded Pau Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers for Kwame Brown (stiff and a bust),Javaris Crittendon(OK?),Aaron McKie(who?)and the the draft rights to Mark Gasol.

When the trade was announced General Manager for the Lakers Mitch Kupchak said "We are extremely pleased to acquire Pau Gasol."You BET he's pleased. The Memphis Grizzlies give up the centerpiece to their franchise for nothing. Here's how it went down: Memphis Grizzlies can I help you?

Yes this is Commissioner David Stern can I speak with the GM on duty please. Yes Mr. Stern! Hello Chris I need your help. Los Angeles, our largest market, is hurting for some playoff action out there and we need you guys to ship out Gasol to them. I'll make it up to you later. "No problem Sir we'll get on it right away."

It doesn't seem unreasonable that the same thing occurred with the Boston Celtics acquiring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen before they won last year's NBA Championship.

It is public knowledge that Tim Donaghy th NBA referee pled guilty to passing along insider information and had a nasty gambling addiction. He also alleged that the NBA refs altered the outcomes of playoff games in 02' and 05'.

It's not a reach for a reasonable person to believe that manipulations occur for the benefit of the large market team, even if the trade isn't a good deal for the small market team.Where there's smoke there's fire. Just like Wrestling, the NBA playoffs feature an outcome so easy even a caveman (or a commissioner) could do it.

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