Examining Sasha Banks' Strengths, Weaknesses and Long-Term Potential

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Sasha Banks is one of the reasons many fans believe the NXT Divas are superior to their main-roster counterparts.

The feisty, fast and talented wrestler is destined to not only make her way to Raw and SmackDown but to thrive as one of the best mat technicians in the division. She will struggle to become the top Diva as long as someone like AJ Lee or Paige is around, though.

Donning ridiculous silver sunglasses and a bedazzled leather jacket, Banks calls herself "The Boss of NXT."

It's this gimmick that has shown more of her personality than fans have seen before. As part of "The Beautiful Fierce Females," she's been given glitz to go along with added direction. 

Banks' ring work has been her foundation long before she aligned herself with Summer Rae and Charlotte.



NXT's self-proclaimed boss is as comfortable in the ring as a bird is on the wind.

Banks is one of the smoother in-ring performers either Divas division has to offer. She moves seamlessly from move to move and while not possessing elite speed is impressively quick.

She excels at both high-flying moves and grappling.

In a match against Charlotte, Banks displayed both skills in a single move. She grabbed her foe's arm in a wrist lock, hopped up on the ring ropes and deftly rolled to the mat:

The list of WWE Divas who can pull that off is mighty short. Even fewer of them can deliver a suicide dive.

Already an excellent technical wrestler when she was known as Mercedes KV on the indy circuit, what her time at NXT has most elevated is her showmanship.

She was a fun, high-energy performer before, but she has since added a flair that better attracts the audience. There's plenty to applaud in her early matches, her battle with Ivy Fit for example, but her NXT work has more spark to it.

In a recent match against Bayley, she did well to infuse her catty character into her wrestling, from her howling as she stomped on her opponent to her exaggerated hip-swaying as she walked.

Already an impressive wrestler, Banks has become more of an entertainer. That is going to serve her well at the next level.

The major question now is how well she can carry that ability to entertain out of the ring.



Banks has plenty of energy in her promos, but she's not a top-level mic-worker.

She posted a Tout video in character, promoting an NXT show. Her brief performance is filled with attitude. She's not especially magnetic in it, though:

Her acting often doesn't feel natural. While she's far from the only wrestler, male or female, to suffer with this issue, it's the area where she needs the most work.

AJ and Eve Torres are among the few recent Divas who thrive with a mic in hand or the camera pointed their way. The more Banks can improve her mic work, the better chance she has of ascending the division.

In a rehearsal segment featuring Paige, Banks had moments of promise, but it also felt more like was reading from a script at times than truly embracing her character:

She's not far off from being main-roster ready on that front.

It's not as if the current Divas division is stacked with great actresses anyway. She's already more charismatic than women like Aksana and Cameron. Unfortunately, it takes more than charisma and ring skills to get an opportunity alongside those women.


Long-Term Potential

How WWE views her looks is going to play a major factor in determining how far she goes. 

The Bella Twins aren't nearly as talented as Banks. Their sex appeal affords them plenty of screen time, though. Banks is slender and pretty but may not have the cover-girl look WWE is searching for.

Banks has the skill set to be a major contributor to the Divas division if the company decides to properly utilize her. Count on at least one Divas title reign.

Outfitting her in the sassy "Boss" gimmick has been a wise move. She may still be refining her character, but it suits her and is a compelling one. Who doesn't get irked by spiteful, self-involved people like the one she's playing?

She's one of the company's best female performers in the ring and an entertainer who is improving outside of it. "The Boss" is a better fit as a workhorse and sidekick as opposed to the leader of a clique or face of a Division.

That's why having her play Summer Rae's right-hand woman is so smart. She doesn't have quite enough "it factor" to be WWE's queen, but she's plenty talented enough to serve as its duchess.