Nascar and Fiat: Bugatty,Bugatty,Bugatty "Lets Go Racing Ragazzi"

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJune 10, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - FEBRUARY 01:  Patrice Sidrac and Maurice Fulconis of France drive a Fiat 124 Abarth Spider (1973) on the first stage from Monaco to Revest les Roches during the 12th Monte Carlo Historical Rally on February 1, 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Over three hundred cars are entered in four different age categories, all having competed in at least one of the Monte Carlo rallies.  The cars compete in sixteen stages over four days in the south-east region of France.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Oh my God ! you can't make this stuff up, "the winds are a changing" rapidly in NASCAR , the Italian, "super high rev. 4 cylinder engine building champions Fiat", has become a Chrysler owner.

Will they pull totally out of NASCAR?, after all, Fiats plan is to distribute or built small fuel efficient and budget conscious cars.

Will Fiat join in the enthusiasm Dodge had for their racing program? or will it see it as an unnecessary expense for now?

Will Fiat buy into the theory of "race Sunday sell Monday"? or will they feel is an outdated concept?

If they do stay, at any level, will the new Dodge engine, R6, that has put Kurt Busch and Kasey Kahne ( Kasey is only running it part time) up front all year, continue to be developed?

There are lots of questions, I'm sure will be answer in the next few weeks.

The team that will be most affected if Dodge further cuts their participation in NASCAR will be, among others, Richard Petty Motorsports. 

Petty have already had some layoff this past week, and I would guess there could be more in the coming weeks, if Dodge has to cut back or totally pull out.

The Dodge team with the largest treasury, Penske Racing, will be just fine, of course the engine in the # 2 car is the R6, it is still under development, this program may be done if Fiat pulls out, or cuts back their NASCAR budget.

NASCAR is left with only one solid, financially stable manufacturer. Toyota is the only automaker participating who is standing on solid ground, and can afford the development of their racing equipment.

Is that a true statement?

Unfortunately we all most agree, yes it is.

So just in case, lets brush up on our Italian, it may help when asking an autograph from Giancarlo Fisichella or Jarno Trulli, it could really happen if Fiat stays in NASCAR.

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