Detroit Tigers Complete Sweep of Texas Rangers Thanks to Five Home Runs

Nathan SimkoCorrespondent IApril 24, 2008

The Detroit Tigers got it done again today, completing the series sweep of the Texas Rangers.

This was a series in which the underachieving Tigers needed to take all three games. Not only did they do what they needed to do, they also controlled and dominated all aspects of all three games.

The Tigers put up 37 runs against the Rangers, and allowed only 10 runs. The best part of the last three wins was the Tigers' bullpen. They only allowed one run in this series, as the starters were responsible for the other nine runs.

All of today's runs came off of five home runs. Magglio Ordonez led the way with two homers and four RBI. Brandon Inge, Ryan Rayburn, and Curtis Granderson had one home run each.

The Tigers' next few weeks are not going to be so easy. The LA Angels come in for three, then the Tigers have to face Minnesota, New York, and Boston. The real test is going to come in the next two weeks.

After the game Tigers manager Jim Leyland said, "I was joking with Bondo and Kenny that they were taking years off my life." You know that saying, a lot of truth is said in jest!

I'm really interested in seeing how long it takes for the starting rotation to catch up with the now sparkling offense, especially against some real teams and not the bottom of the barrel.

Jacque Jones left in the forth inning after running into the outfield fence. The reports are that he has a bruised knee.

It also appears that Carlos Guillen will miss at least one more game and possibly more. Guillen hit a pitch off of his knee in Wednesday's game. He played out that game, but woke up today with stiffness in his knee.

Gary Sheffield is still nursing an injured shoulder. 

As long as the Tigers' bats keep going like they are know, we should be fine and get through the next few weeks with a few wins. But the Tigers are looking forward to getting healthy again.

And when they do, the AL needs to be on high alert because this is a team you don't want to mess with!