Which NFL Teams Have the Best Fantasy Rosters?

Daniel MaderContributor IJune 10, 2009

METAIRIE, LA - MAY 08:  Members of the New Orleans Saints take a break to cool off in the heat during the Rookie Minicamp at the New Orleans Saints Training Facility on May 8, 2009 in Metairie, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Fantasy football owners only have the most athletic, most talented, and the best scoring machines in the NFL. It's the team that you wish you could watch on TV.

NFL teams don't have the money to ever actually harness these players hence generating the "fantasy" term.

There are teams that do have multiple legit fantasy football players on the roster.  Normally you wouldn't take two players from the same team, but certain teams have multiple guys who score week in and week out.

What if you are a big fan of a certain team and just want to draft players that are on the team, could it translate in to fantasy wins?

Or say there is a team that you know is going to stack up points week in and week out, and nearly everybody touches the ball throughout the game. Do you just draft players from that team to ensure production?

You probably wouldn't do any of those things but it does make this writer curious.

Let's take a look at who the best "reality" teams would be in "fantasy" leagues.


1. New Orleans Saints

Well how can you not start with the No. 1 offense last year. They have legit fantasy players in just about every position.

Drew Brees is obvious—the No. 1 scorer in fantasy football last year. 

The No. 1 receiver on the team, Marques Colston, is projected to be off the board by the third round.Also if he can stay healthy Colston can catapult his way back among the elite receivers of the league.   

Jeremy Shockey if healthy could prove to be an elite pass catching tight end again. The preseason and camp will be key points to watch his progress.

Both running backs are legit as well. Bush is wanted for his total yards production and Pierre Thomas for his rushing numbers.

Thomas is projected to be drafted somewhere in between the third and the fourth rounds, and Bush somewhere in the fifth or sixth rounds.

Every position has close if not already elite talent across the board.

What makes this team even more interesting than the others is the fact that drafting all the players from this team is very possible. Each player is spaced out enough in the projections to pull off the board if you went Brees, Colston, Thomas, Bush, and Shockey in that order.

Just a thought, not a suggestion.


2. Arizona Cardinals

How can a team that has three receivers go over a 1,000 yards last season not fare well in a fantasy football league?

Kurt Warner still has something left in the tank, especially with the weapons that he has at his disposal surrounding him. For the most part Warner has been ranked as the third or fourth elite QB in fantasy.

Larry Fitzgerald could be argued to be the best receiver in the NFL last year. Over 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns is a great fantasy year for any player. Only expect more of the same as he further develops.

Fitzgerald's counter parts Boldin and Breaston both were among the top-25 wide receivers in yards production last season. If Boldin really wants to prove he deserves that pay raise then this would be the year to have a breakout season.

The one thing they lacked last season was a running game to reach legit fantasy status. That does have the potential to change this year however with the drafting of Chris Wells.

Many people have Chris Wells as a possible sleeper pick this year as do I. Wells is projected to about round eight according to ESPN.

This team would probably be much harder to actually draft for since there isn't much spacing in the projection between Arizona's wide receivers. Even so this team could give any fantasy owner a run for his/her money. 


3. Houston Texans

This team is rising as one of the best offenses to the NFL.

Matt Schaub still has not fully proven himself for a full season in the NFL. Having said that, when he plays healthy he can be just as good as anybody in the NFL.

Projected at about the fifth or sixth round he could be a great pick that late.

Andre Johnson a receiver amongst the best in the NFL last season, with the argument that he was the best. 

Lead the league in catches and yards last season (115 receptions and 1,575 yards).  Definitely will be taken in the first two rounds.

Kevin Walter is no scrub on the other side of Johnson either. Walter, last season silently was able to produce nearly 900 yards and eight touchdowns giving him a solid season that is fantasy worthy to be your third receiver on your team.

Steve Slaton is a rising star and may prove to be a two way threat this season. Slaton is a running back that can catch out of the backfield making him a dynamic fantasy option.

Slaton is  projected to be off the board by the second round.

This is another team that would be difficult to draft all the players from there given how close in rank Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton are but never the less this team will score many fantasy points this season.


4. Atlanta Falcons

Falcons are  fantasy studs in just about every position. Youthful young stars are going to make this team a very good offense for years to come.

Matt Ryan had a phenomenal rookie season that lead his team to the playoffs. Looking to prove there will be no sophomore slump, he will breakout this season with the surrounding talent and addition of Tony Gonzalez.

Projected at about the fifth round.

Michael Turner has achieved superstar status in the NFL after his first full starting season.  Falcons offensive line is good, and because the Falcons should have more of passing game installed next season it could take the pressure off of Turner's shoulders a little bit.

Roddy White was in the top five receivers when it came to yards, top 10 for receptions, and top 15 for touchdowns last season.

The touchdowns more than any other category will increase, because I expect the Falcons to throw the ball more in the red zone with Gonzalez and White as options.

Tony Gonzalez will be the best tight end this year, mark my words. He is finally out of his unhappy situation with the Chiefs and into a new revamped offense with the Falcons.

A fantasy team like this could intimidate some owners during the year. This team like the Saints has the possibility of being completely drafted by one owner because of the rankings being spaced just enough apart.


5. New England Patriots

Patriots have been a high powered offense over the last few years even before they had Moss and Welker. Now with them there the offense has produced above and beyond the rest breaking records in 2007.

Tom Brady is probably without doubt the best QB of this decade. However there is doubt by some of his return to the game this year after having missed a year.

I don't doubt at all, Brady will be ready for the season and will have a great fantasy year especially with the numerous amount of receivers at his disposal.

Brady is projected to be the second QB taken in the draft. 

Randy Moss never starts a season without his share of non believers. Nobody believed in him in 2007 and then went on to have a year of a lifetime. Now two years later he has people calling him old and that he has lost step once again.

The scene is set for him to yet again to prove those non believers wrong.

Wes Welker just piles on receptions and yards throughout his career by picking up all the short to intermediate routes. Welker had over 100 catches last season and over a 1,000 yards.

Great as you second receiver scoring around 8-12 points a game.

Patriots lack a fantasy legit running back on their team though. Only way that could change is if Laurence Maroney drastically steps up his game.

Even if the Patriots don't set records again they will be one of if not the highest scoring units this year.

In order to draft this team you would have to use your first three rounds. If you think you can mix and match running backs this could prove your genius.

Once again just a thought, not a suggestion.


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