My Problem With Pro Wrestling As a Sport

dave jacksonContributor IJune 10, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge looks on during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

I have recently joined this site and to my dismay I have found that there are more articles on wrestling than on any other sport.

I am a big fan of tennis, squash, football, and MMA. But I find fewer articles on these sports than on wrestling.

I am completely baffled, does that mean a fake show has more fans than these sports? I wouldn't think so, I think what's happening.

The problem is wrestling promoters and fans alike have been trying to get wrestling into the mainstream.

It's been happening for some time: Vince McMahon buys promotion for his company when he pays an exorbitant amount of money to people like Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather to appear on their flagship PPV, Wrestlemania, in the hope that they get a mention in the newspaper and get more fans who will buy more merchandise.

I have no problem, if you have money you can buy advertisement and a mention in the local tabloid. But the problem that I have is that wrestling is nothing but a freak show.

I mean you have grown up men running around in the outerwear that superman discarded a long time ago, throwing fake punches, groaning as if they they are getting an orgasm alongside with midgets, one armed, one legged men, along with ladies or men with fake breasts doing stripshow act along...and you expect sensible people to accept this as entertainment?

Its more like the circus show that was cancelled decades ago, you know with the dwarves, the giants and horrible-looking ladies..

This ain't wrestling, you want to see true wrestling? Go check out amateur wrestling, I get all the entertainment, when I see two highly skilled athletes lock it up and pit their brawn, talent, and hard work against each other.

Pro-wrestling to me is like a freak show, an accident waiting to happen i.e. in this case the next wrestler to pop off after substance abuse.

Come on, you think you can have biceps as tall as my head after working out, no way, just like powder is used in weightlifting to get a grip, in wrestling, steroids serves the same purpose.

For all the so-called athleticism, come on, it's a canvas, it doesn't hurt, I know how a canvas feels, so all those deluded wrestling fans who think wrestling is painful, it's not, so stop living in a fantasy world where Santina Marella is your dream lady...

Get a grip on real life...