Pierre Spies Is Superman!

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Pierre Spies Is Superman!
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I would like to respond to Nick Cain's article "Pierre Spies still has much to prove in race to become world's best".

Nick is travelling with the British and Irish Lions and is probably as one eyed as I am, we are simply polar opposites.

I found his article interesting, as I simply assumed everyone would agree with me that Spies is the best No. 8 in the world. I am also sure he wears a lycra outfit underneath his rugby uniform and can fly if he has to so there is no doubt in my mind he is superman!

Spies is a confident individual and wants to be the best in the world. He is a humble man, but he is not afraid to say he wants to be the best in his position. Good on him for having high aspirations.

I would have thought his recent performances would have vindicated Spies as the world's premier no. 8. Certainly in the Southern hemisphere, no one else has dominated as much as Spies has all season.

The things that have impressed me this year have been:

  • His workrate - He makes hit up after hit up and usually breaks the advantage line
  • His tackling - not ferocious, could be the one area he really needs to make count. But I can't fault his willingness to get involved.
  • His ball handling skills - occasionally he does drop the ball, but he is  often running on at pace, and trying to execute at speed. Mistakes will happen every now and then
  • His pace - Unmatched for anyone his size. Simply sensational with a bit of space, and leaves the opposition for dead.
  • It seems to me the northern hemisphere don't like No. 8's running around the field, leaving wingers for dead, and scoring plenty of open field tries. They prefer the tight loose forward who gets involved in the heavy stuff, grafting away and not dominating the limelight.

    There is no doubt in my mind Spies can do the hard yards and is an effective   eighth man on slow, heavy fields. But let him prove himself before criticising him.

    This Lions tour will produce a new era of heroes. Last time it was Guscott, Jenkins, Gibbs, Howley etc. This time around i'm picking Spies to announce to the whole world, he is the world's premier No. 8. Go get him Superman!

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