Turkish Grand Prix Revelations

nicolas bostonContributor IJune 8, 2009

The 2009 Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix was an incidentless (and crowdless) race. Even so, some significant conclusions could be drawn from its results.

  1. Brawn GP still has the superior car
  2. Jenson Button is Brawn GP's superior driver this year
  3. Barichello has had more opportunities to win a championship than I've hot dinners and still he seems to be struggling!
  4. The Red Bull's are strong, but not as strong as what Christian Horner made out.
  5. Vettel's inexperience is starting to creep in. His lap 1 mistake in Turkey now means that out of seven races, mistakes have been made in three that have cost him points (spin in Malaysia and a crash in Monaco being the other two).
  6. One could also start to paint a picture of Vettel's personality. One got the sense that he threw his toys down at the end of the race, having lost fair and square to his team-mate. In addition, light fuel loads in qualifying combined with him trying to get the fastest lap with a couple of laps to go point towards a man that feels the need to market himself heavily.
  7. Mark Webber's experience (and perhaps some luck?) is showing in the results. Sensible fuel loads in qualifying may not give him pole position however have allowed him to take full advantage in the race. It seems that Webber and his crew have outstrategised Vettel thus far.
  8. Toyota is back from the grave! Clearly short, twisty circuits such as Monaco do not suit the TF109.
  9. Last year's title winner is this years potential wooden spooner. Who'd believe that Force India's entry was almost 15km quicker through turn 8 than Hamilton's McLaren?
  10. Fillipe Massa's dream run in turkey (three wins in the past three years) came to an end.
  11. Nico Rosberg finally turned some of that practice pace into a result for Williams.
  12. Kimi's racing continues to reflect his personality...boring!
  13. Piquet Jr was again out driven by Alonso. I'm guessing his wealthy, more successful father is paying for his seat!
  14. Istanbul's days on the F1 circuit are numbered.

Silverstone in just under two weeks should be a more interesting race. It's the final time we'll see the F1 cars there as next year Donnington Park looks to be taking over.

Expect large crowds, showing up to see if Jenson Button can win on home soil. If it's wet, The Red Bull's will likely win given their superior wet weather handling.

Should things stay as they were in Turkey though, I dare say Jenson will be unstoppable!