In Game 6 I Got What I Wanted...

Patrick QuarryContributor IMarch 5, 2017

Game seven!

Being a hockey fan I love watching the culmination of a season of toughness, grit, and a sincere desire to win.

Being a Flyers fan, I hate the Penguins for obvious reasons. Being a hockey fan, I hate the Red Wings because they have dominated the league in recent times and because of the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals.

Because of this controversy, I didn't know who to cheer for. I could cheer for Pittsburgh and go against my Philadelphia tradition, or I could cheer for Detroit and support a team I've hated for years.

While I haven't been cheering for one team during the entire Finals, I have been cheering for both at different times.

In games one and two I wanted to see Detroit win because of my extreme hate for the Penguins. I realized, though, that in games three and four I wanted to see Pittsburgh even the series at two games apiece.

Why you may ask? Because a sweep in the Finals or even a decision in five games is boring, unless you're rooting for the team that is going to win the championship.

Almost all hockey fans outside of Detroit must be happy that there will be a game seven. It will increase publicity for the NHL and there is no door number two if the other team wins.

The winner of the game is the winner of Lord Stanley's Cup.

In the last 10 years (nine seasons thanks to the lockout) there have been four game sevens. All of these series were extraordinary, especially Canada vs. America in '04 and '06.

Now last year, Pittsburgh was seconds away from sending it to seven. Two years before that, Anaheim lost only once to Ottawa. Now I love hockey, but I didn't love these series.

The main reason is that after a team reaches three wins, one team is playing for the cup while the other is playing for their life.

Now that there is a game seven again, both teams will be playing for their fourth win, and most importantly, their lives.

Also, Detroit will be playing to be the best team of the last few years and possibly the dynasty of the decade. Pittsburgh will be playing for retribution from last year and maybe to shove it in Marian Hossa's face.

This could also be the last Finals either of these two teams might be in for a couple of years. Many players on both teams will be let go because of salary cap issues and rising player salaries next year (Malkin, I'm looking at your $984,000 to $9 million jump).

But who knows? We could have a three-peat of the Finals and just think how awkward it would be if the '10 Finals increased by on game as well-game eight!

Now a game eight may be a headache for Gary Bettman, but in the end, Bettman, the NHL, and I are all getting what we wanted.

GAME SEVEN- Winner takes all!