What Legacy is Lacking That Prevents Them from Becoming a Great Stable

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

Oh the Faction, or the Stable whichever you prefer, it has its place in Wrestling history. We have seen great champions and great teams emerge from them, yet right now there is only one Faction that the WWE universe has its eyes on, Legacy, the Stable led by Randy Orton.

It's no secret. Legacy has potential and many fans expect them to become one of the greatest stables in history, yet week in and week out we see them act like bumbling idiots and consistentlygetting the crap beaten out of them, but why? What's going on?

A stable made up of multi-generational superstars that claims to be born better should be beating the hell out of everybody not having all three of their members getting massacred by one man, even if he is a "animal" or an "assassin".

Well let's see what at this point in time Legacy lacks that is keeping them from cashing in on their "infinite" potential.

1) A Good Leader

A strong leader is fundamental in any Stable if it is going to work. The Horsemen had Flair, NWO Hollywood had Hogan, NWO Wolfpac had Nash, The Hart Foundation had Bret, Evolution had Triple H, DX had both Shawn Micheals and Triple H, and if you want to include them, The Main Event Mafia has Kurt Angle.

A faction is supposed to be able to look at their leader to guide them and draw strength from him, I doubt that Legacy can draw strength from Orton.

Nothing Personally against Randy but at this point it really looks like he has no idea how to run a stable. He is either running off on his own and getting the holy high hell beaten out of him or he is sending Cody or Ted off on thier own to get the crap beaten out of them.

Another thing I''ve noticed is when Randy is being beat Cody or Ted will save him, but he doesn't give them the same courtesy.

A good leader cares about his men and places thier well being before his own, which is something Randy superbly lacks. When in the Four horsemen Flair never allowed his teammates to get destroyed, and if he did he was right there being destroyed with them.

2) A Plan of Attack

Someone, somewhere in Legacy really needs to sit down and realize that if charging the guy with the sledgehammer one at a time didn't work the first time then it isn't going to work the eleventh time. It's a losing strategy yet it is one that Legacy employs all the time. There are three of you. It isn't possible that someone can hit all of you at once.

Use your sticking numbers to your advantage, there is a reason you are a stable. You are supposed to have each others back! Not stupidly watch as your teammate gets his teeth knocked out.

Further more don't be afraid to get disqualified! The ambush is also your best friend! At the end of the day it doesn't matter who won, it matters whom can walk out of the arena.

Using the Main Event Mafia as an example directly after they formed they knew exactly what the hell they were doing. They knew how to use their numbers and they knew how to operate. They used the ambush to its maximum potential taking out their competition quickly and brutally.

3) Credibility

I may get slaughtered in terms of comments on this one but Legacy is superbly lacking in the credibility department.

When the stable formed, all the members were next Generation stars, Cody and Ted were former tag champions and Randy was a multiple time world champion, a former IC champion and a former tag champion himself so what is the problem?

Well after they formed they proceeded to get annilated! Cody and Ted have tried many times to beat the Colons and have come up short on most occasions. On the upside Randy did manage to win the WWE title but here's the downside, the reign was short-lived.

Randy did better with holding that title on his own! He also lost the title with no interference from Legacy at all, sure it was a steel cage match, but the cage has a door!

When the four Horsemen formed every member was already holding a title. Flair had the NWA world championship, Blanchard had the NWA Television championship and Arn and Ole Anderson had the NWA world tag team championship.

Evolution at least one point controlled all the titles on RAW as well. How credible does it make Legacy look if their leader can't even hang on to a title?

4) a Fourth Member

Quite possibly the greatest stables of all time had four or more members, so why does it make sense for Legacy to only have three?

I feel a fourth member is superbly necessary for the group right now because three members just isn't cutting it, especially when one of those member, and arguably the most credible one, is afraid to get his hands dirty. There is one type of member however, they are missing in particular, An Enforcer, pure un-adulterated strength.

Enforcers have played roles in all great stables as they are the ones who are quickest to get in-front of the leader and whatever "problem" he may have at the time. Triple H had Batista and Flair had Arn, so why doesn't Randy have someone?

Well I suppose that may fall into the area of Randy being picky. Manu didn't match Legacy's look so he had to go. I don't know what Sim's problem was but he had to leave. Who does that leave? a crap load of people that aren't even in the company that's who. Umaga would have fit perfectly in the form of a muscle role but he's gone now as well.

Joe Hennig, who is arguably the most likely new member of the group as soon as he returns, will sure up the groups numbers if they decide to add him but even then they don't have the muscle aspect that the group is in severe need of. Although maybe sheer numbers can make up for it if Randy wouldn't be afraid to get in on the beating.

Undoubtedly Legacy is missing more than just these four aspects but they are the ones that first stick out. Maybe we will see a change in all the areas if a fourth member is added but then again maybe not. Legacy has got potential but living up to the potential is a entirely different story especially when one is compared to the best there were.