WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Feb. 10

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2014

Super Grizz emulated WWE Superstars this week.
Super Grizz emulated WWE Superstars this week.Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Daniel Bryan's beard expertise and Super Grizz of the Memphis Grizzlies' powerbomb skills were the highlights of the week's WWE-related social media offerings.

Bryan appeared on the NFL Network to discuss a subject he's extremely familiar with. The Grizzlies mascot did his best impression of Kevin Nash.

The other top tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos of the WWE variety featured Zeb Colter's thoughts on the Winter Olympics, a tribute to Betty White and an inside look at the reaction to CM Punk chants.

The surprise entrant on this list is the cape-wearing mascot for the Grizzlies.

He channeled his inner WWE Superstar when he saw a Washington Wizards fans in attendance at FedEx Forum. In what had the distinct odor of a scripted scenario, Super Grizz chased the fan before grabbing him and powerbombing him through a table.

This isn't the first time Grizzlies fans have seen the worlds of NBA and WWE merge. 

Jerry Lawler once delivered a piledriver on the hardwood during a timeout. This week, Lawler joined Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield in mocking Punk fans who were chanting before Monday's Raw.

A leaked video features the announcers dismissing the chants, Lawler even offering his own, "Go away" chant.

Punk's sudden departure from the company has been at the center of contentious debate between fans. Whether one believes he was selfish for his actions or simply standing up for himself, it's unsettling to see WWE's announcers dismiss its paying customers like this.

Those who believe that Punk quitting is a work will ask how this got leaked in the first place. Punk's biggest supporters will have more reason to be angry going forward.

When there is a tense situation like this, it's best to head to Kayfabe News. Wrestling's version of The Onion served up a fantastic story this week.

Zack Ryder is an easy target for jokes, but the Kayfabe News guys made the most of the silly tradition of pointing at the WrestleMania sign, crafting a hilarious article out of it.

Cesaro seemed to be having some fun himself this week. The usually dour powerhouse found something photo-worthy backstage at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.

He posted a fun shot of himself atop a shark Zamboni on Instagram.

Cesaro on the San Jose Sharks' Zamboni
Cesaro on the San Jose Sharks' ZamboniPhoto from Instagram

WWE fans who aren't into hockey are familiar with the ice-resurfacing device thanks to Steve Austin. They, depending on their country of origin, may not care that much about the Winter Olympics, though.

Cesaro's manager points this out in his typical gruff fashion.

He later responded to a question about the Olympics. You can almost hear his voice yelling through the computer screen.

Colter's team didn't have a great Raw this Monday. Christian and Sheamus toppled The Real Americans as Colter watched on.

The Emmy Award-winning White had a far better experience. She guest starred on Raw and had to do little to earn her paycheck that night.

Ring announcer Justin Roberts had to be the most excited member of WWE personnel about White coming. He not only hyped her appearance with Golden Girls T-shirts draped across his shoulders, he posted a pic of himself in a custom "Raw is White" T-shirt.

Justin Roberts salutes Betty White.
Justin Roberts salutes Betty White.Photo from Instagram

One has to wonder what Chris Jericho thinks of that shirt as he's been trying to convince us that "Raw is Jericho" for years.

The NFL went to Bryan to get his thoughts on some of its players beards. In his appearance on NFL Total Access, he grades Andrew Luck and others' facial hair.

Usually it's John Cena who does shows like these, so maybe this is a sign that WWE is recognizing that fans want Bryan to be in the top spot. The more opportunities like these that Bryan receives, the bigger his name will get.

Maybe he can do something similar for the NBA and teach Super Grizz some moves other than the powerbomb while he's at it.