Planning For The Future Pt. 2: Draft Time, Pick Up The Post Player!

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough the 6'9'', 250 lb power forward could be the answer the Chicago Bulls weak post play over the past few years.

Tyler Hansbrough averaged over 19 points per game in his senior season and eight rebounds per game. In the '08 NCAA National championship Hansbrough had 18 points, seven boards, and two assists.

Tyler Hansbrough was coached by one of the all time greatest in Roy Williams. Sure Tyler was a good player coming out of high school where he averaged 28.2 points per game and 13.4 rebounds as a senior in, but there is no doubt that coach Roy Williams turned Tyler into a great player. Roy Williams has a career record of 594-138 (.811) winning percentage, and was inducted into the Basketball hall of fame in '09. There is no question, Williams is a great coach.

Tyler Hansbrough has been apart of three National championship teams from '07-'09. In addition, Hansbrough was the '08 National player of the year. Hansbrough has dominated at the collegiate level of play, he is very physical and would be a good fit at the Chicago Bulls.

If Chicago were to draft Tyler Hansbrough I'm willing to bet he sees a pretty fair amount of playing time next season.

The next player the Bulls should go after in my opinion is DeJuan Summers. DeJuan Summers is a very versatile player with great touch and post moves.

Summers is very agile for 6'9'' and 240 lbs. He can run the floor better than Hansbrough and would be more of a NBA type player. I think DeJuan would also make a faster transition to the NBA.

Although Summers only averaged 13.6 points per game and 4.1 boards per game he is still in my opinion going to be the better NBA player. Summers can put the ball on the floor a little better than Hansbrough, and can make more moves to the basket unlike Hansbrough.

For the Chicago Bulls to return to the Jordan era they must build around point guard D—Rose, and DeJuan Summers is a better fit for Chicago than Hansbrough would be. Rose could get the ball up the floor faster and maybe get more transition points with a faster guy like Summers.

Overall either one will be a great pick up for the Chicago Bulls. I think the Bulls should have tried to secure a higher draft position but that's too late now. So I look for the Bulls to draft Tyler Hansbrough or DeJuan Summers.

What do you Bulls fans think? Should they go after Summers the more versatile shooting forward/power forward or the more post savvy Tyler Hansbrough?

Tell me what you think of the part two of the planning for the future. If you have not checked out part one, it is entitled is Planning for the future part 1: Derrick Rose special, go check it out too..