Why is it So Difficult for Randy Orton to Be a Credible Champ?

AkDSenior Writer IJune 9, 2009

We are about half way through with 2009 and I've been trying to put this Randy Orton puzzle all together. I'm wondering why he can't or doesn't at least look like a credible champion in any of his recent runs.

The last time I was excited about Orton was at the Royal Rumble, which he won with the help of Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. I'm not enraged because I'm not as huge of an Orton fan as I used to be, but I can't deny that it's really ridiculous.

It seems as if he can't catch a break. Every time he causes some damage or gets the upper hand he is almost immediately countered. He feuded with Triple H on the way to Wrestlemania XXV and took out the McMahons, but that's all he pretty much did. He punted Vince, punted Shane, and took out Stephanie.

It's not really a big deal, but the repetition is really getting tiring.

It's bad enough that RAW is in drought, Orton's progress through 2009 has been shaky and just downright nonsensical. In a matter of months he's went from one of my favorite stars to a guy that I could care less about now.

There are those who have said don't blame Orton, but I'm not blaming him though It's still really annoying. Legacy basically turned into Jobacy, mindless drones following idiotic orders from a "viper", who escapes a beat down or gets his butt whooped as well.

How many times have Orton and Jobacy stood in the ring just to have someone beat the living crap out of them? It's been months of the same thing. Trips has done it, Shane McMahon has done it, Flair has done it, Batista has done it, even MVP and John Cena has done run-ins to add to the beat down.

Everything has seemed like it has been rushed. Orton had lost to Trips at Wrestlemania, but still kept his eye on the WWE title like a vicious heel would do. Orton looked to continue his vindictive plot to take out Trips, but Batista returned to get revenge on Orton.

Batista was punted in December last year and written of WWE television to nurse a real injury. He rushed back and was inserted into the Trips/Orton feud. I'm not acknowledging Jobacy at this point. It was natural for Batista to return for revenge, but couldn't Orton get to finish up with Trips?

Orton had only two things to look forward week after week. We would either see Orton escaping angry for payback, or he ended up on his back with his scapegoats. Orton had to deal with Trips and Batista then...enter Shane McMahon. He too was punted by Orton thus his revenge to avenge his family by attempting to take out Orton.

Orton and his goons ultimately ended up facing Triple H, Batista, and Shane McMahon at Backlash in a six man tag match, which Orton won. Orton followed up by punted Trips to take him out of action. Once again Orton would be bombarded with people who just seemed to have a bone to pick with him.

MVP inserted himself fighting Orton and Jobacy on his first night on RAW after being drafted from Smackdown via 2009 WWE Draft. Cena like MVP briefly inserted himself and came to MVP's aid. MVP wouldn't last too long and was sent back to the mid cards with his U.S. title where he belongs and Cena got tangled up with Big Show.

Every week we had handicap tag matches or one on one matches that always included interference. How can Orton be a credible champion with constant changes in his stories? Injuries play a role, but it seems like desperation for the most part.

Ric Flair would insert himself into Orton's endless stories by coming to Batista's aid at Judgment Day after Orton got DQ'ed to retain his title. Flair like Shane, MVP, Batista, Trips, Cena, and even Kennedy for one night only wanted to get a shot or payback on Orton.

There is too much stars going at the man. It's not necessarily a problem, but it never ends or mitigates. Orton and his henchmen beat down someone and someone else is already waiting in the wings to run out and take their shot at Orton. Whenever Orton succeeds it's not for long as someone comes to put on Orton on his back or get him running away.

One McMahon is gone and out comes another. Trips is gone and out comes Batista. Batista is gone and out comes Flair for the save. Batista suffered another injury, so he's gone and out comes Trips.

I wonder when Flair will insert himself once more?

I really hope he isn't the new RAW GM.... things will only get worse.

MVP also stated he wanted to insert himself into the WWE title picture, so add one more to the ever growing list. I thought there was a huge fuss about world titles switching hands too often, but they changed hands at Extreme Rules.

Well I guess it was considered long for the WWE, the champs lost the belts in two months instead of the usual one month. The age of Orton two is done in my book. Orton's story repetitiveness and staleness is just killing me, I don't know how much people can take, especially the die hard Orton marks.

Batista is now written off again and Trips is ready for another round with Orton...I'm not though I understand Trips needed to come back. Orton ordered his drones to attack a sledgehammer wielding Triple H and both were taken out with ease as the 13-time world champ made his way to the ring for another brawl with Orton at the end of RAW this week.

Orton was beaten down once more and Triple H reigned supreme. Out goes the reign to help Orton look credible. Hopefully he everything settles down to a pace at which Orton can progress to a credible champion because it isn't working this way.