NFL Draft 2008: Quarterback Analysis

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2008

1) Matt Ryan

Considered by many to be the best available quarterback in the draft, Matt Ryan has all of the qualities necessary to succeed in the NFL. However, teams must be wary not to overate him too highly, as his tendency to throw interceptions rather than throw the ball away is a cause for concern.

2) Brian Brohm

If he had entered the draft last year, he may have been ranked the top quarterback in the draft. However, after returning to school and having a lackluster season at Louisville, Brian’s draft stock plummeted. In spite of this, I still believe that Brian can be a successful NFL quarterback.

3) Chad Henne

As a four-year starter at Michigan, Chad Henne is undoubtedly the most experience dquarterback in the draft. He may not be the flashiest quarterback in the group, but he certainly has the football intelligence and abilities to succeed on the field.

4) Joe Flacco

Considered by many to be the most physically gifted quarterback in the draft, Flacco will surely be one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. While he played at a Division 1-AA school, many scouts believe that his physical gifts will elevate him to a high level in the NFL.

5) Colt Brennan

After a poor bowl game against Georgia, many scouts have completely written off Colt as a solid NFL prospect, even though he was considered a first round pick prior to that game. I, however, am not ready to write him off. I believe Colt can be a solid pro in the NFL, and any team that selects him in the later rounds will certainly be getting their money’s worth.

6) Dennis Dixon

While a severe knee injury severely hurt Dixon’s draft status, I still believe Dixon can be dangerous at the pro level. Some scouts have said that Dixon may not be quite as explosive of a runner as Vince Young, but they consider him to be a better passer. That says a lot, especially considering Young was the 3rd overall pick when he was drafted, and Dixon is expected to fall as low as the 7th round. Whoever picks up Dixon in this draft will certainly find a diamond in the rough.

7) Josh Johnson

Johnson is one of my favorite quarterbacks in this year’s draft, as he truly has the potential to be a late round gem. Johnson has blazing speed for a quarterback, and boasts college numbers of 113 touchdowns to only 15 interceptions! That’s right, that was NOT a typo. However, due to Johnson’s relative lack of competition at the college level, many scouts question his ability to make the jump to the NFL. If he can, Johnson will have deserved to be much higher on this list.

8) John David Booty

Given his moderate success at USC, many scouts have boosted up Booty’s draft status higher than I believe it should be. I essentially see Booty as an average NFL quarterback.

9) Andre Woodson

While he had great success at Kentucky, many scouts feel that his mechanics have too many kinks in it to be successful. As a result, a team would have to dedicate a lot of time to him before he can make a serious impact.

10)  Erik Ainge

He had a good career at Tennessee, but he doesn’t particularly stand out in any given area. I see him as a solid backup at the NFL level.