Pistons' No. 1 Plan for Revival of a Championship Team

Prajit RamaprasadContributor IJune 9, 2009

What will the Pistons do to get ready to make a competitive run for the Championship?

Now, personally I think Rodney Stuckey, Rip Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince will be the key to making a run for the playoffs.  I think they are worthy of being starters, but that doesn't mean they will necessarily be in the deal next year.

The main positions where we need starters are at power forwards and centers.  We might have to use backups or even starters to get the guys we want.

Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, and Antonio McDyess are all getting up there in age, and don't fit our style. I think we should split paths now and clear up a lot of crap.

Now let's talk about the big men we can get:


Charlie Villanueva

I am really high on this guy.  I mean, he scored 18 points in 20 minutes against the Magic. What isn't to love about that?

He's an explosive scorer, young, and can rebound.  Granted, he is a bit weak on defense, but I am sure he can learn in time. 

He doesn't like the Bucks, so even if he is restricted I expect him to be available soon.

The thing that I also love is that he brings versatility. He is 6'11", which means he can double as a center sometimes or we can go to a double PF lineup.


Chris Bosh

This is the biggest name that is being tossed around now. This is obviously my No. 1 choice.

If we can put him and Charlie on the same floor we can have a really explosive offensive game, and build on it for years to come.  With Rip and Stuckey being able to spread the defense, Bosh can really rip it down the middle.

For him, I expect you would need to trade Prince, Amir Johnson, or a second round pick at the least, and maybe even Will Bynum if needed.


So this is what I suggest:

You sign Charlie Villanueva to play C/PF and be a general six man rotating in and out between center and power forward.

Go with Prince, Amir, or a second rounder for Bosh. 

Sign Trevor Ariza to play the SF position. I think he will come to us if we do trade Prince.

In the end I see our lineup including:

G Rodney Stuckey

G Rip Hamilton

F Trevor Ariza

F Chris Bosh

F Charlie Villanueva

The fact is there are a lot of options right now, but here is just one more plan for next year.  I will probably be coming out with a couple more plans, some more realistic than others.

Thanks and go Pistons.