Boxing Fact or Fiction: June 9 Edition

Jonathan YaghoubiContributor IJune 9, 2009

Ruslan Chagaev deserves a Shot at Vitali Klitschko, more so than David Haye

Fiction. I don't believe Chagaev deserves much of anything. His presence in the heavyweight title picture, whether it's his fault or not, has created mass confusion and frustration for a number of other fighters and promoters.

I don't put much value into his wins over Nikolay Valuev and John Ruiz, since they are both B-level fighters at best. Those credentials don't carry much merit in my eyes.

David Haye may have been a cruiserweight king with a suspect chin, but his championship wins over Jean-Marc Mormeck and Enzo Maccarinelli, combined with an action-packed KO victory over Monte Barrett, are better credentials (to me) than anything Chagaev has accomplished thus far in his career.

Plus, we all knew that Klitschko-Haye would be exciting if nothing else, whereas Klitschko-Chagaev could get very boring very quickly. I can't really blame HBO for pulling the plug on this bout; it just doesn't seem like a very entertaining contest.

Manny Pacquiao fighting Shane Mosley would be more exciting than a bout against Floyd Mayweather

Fact. I base this on the fight itself probably being much more action-packed than one against a defensive-minded Mayweather. Both have plenty of hand speed, like to come forward, and don't seem to tire late into a fight.

As far as the boxing business, however, Pacquiao-Mayweather would produce monster pay-per-view numbers, a huge gate, and big-time interest from the general sports public. PacMan vs. the SugarMan would be a better fight, but would do about half the business of Manny vs. Floyd.

You'd like to see a new season of The Contender this year

Fact. I'd absolutely love to see a new season of The Contender this year, as long as it's better than the past two! The show, as a whole, needs an overhaul in regard to its production level and talent level. In comparison to The Ultimate Fighter, which to a degree has put the UFC on the national map, The Contender has done very little in the past two years toward adding anything credible or exciting to the sport.

For season one, watching Sly Stallone and Sugar Ray give advice to up-and-comers such as Sergio Mora and Alfonso Gomez was awesome TV, and great for boxing. For this past season, watching Tony Danza give advice to cruiserweight no-names was sleep-inducing and horrifically boring. If the show can get a more credible host, and if the scouts can really hunt down the next generation of top talent, then we may be in for a Contender renaissance.