Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Stacy Keibler

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Television personality Stacy Keibler from the show
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Stacy Keibler's rise to wrestling stardom was an unexpected one.

A student and cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, Keibler was watching an episode of WCW Nitro when she heard about a contest to crown a new Nitro Girl. With a dance background, she figured she would stand a chance of winning and entered the competition.

Weeks later, she was declared the winner and would debut shortly thereafter as Nitro Girl Skye.

But somewhere along the line, new creative head Vince Russo decided to use Keibler elsewhere on the show. The leggy blonde traded in the short shorts of the Nitro Girls for a blouse and even shorter skirt. Skye was gone and in her place was Miss Hancock, the assistant to Standards and Practices (Lenny Lane and Lodi).

She would make her way to the ring, taking notes before stealing the attention away from the wrestlers inside the squared circle by dancing at ringside.

As one could imagine, she became very popular with a WCW audience who, because of censorship by high-ranking officials, had never really had a character like hers.

Soon Hancock was one of the breakout characters of WCW's final year, earning major television time. She became the fiancee of David Flair and was part of featured storylines with Daffney and Crowbar, Major Gunns and the Misfits in Action and Sean Stasiak and Bam Bam Bigelow.

The beautiful young Keibler proved she could effectively portray the snobby and prudish heel, and thanks to a combination of factors including her considerable sex appeal, she became one of the more coveted young talents Ted Turner's company still had.

When WCW went out of business, Keibler's contract was absorbed by WWE.

During her four years with the company, Keibler became one of the most visible and popular Divas on the roster. She never quite developed into anything resembling a good in-ring worker, but she was a face for the division.

While she would spend the first year of her career in Vince McMahon's company as a heel, she would spend the majority of her stint there as a babyface. Her beauty, smile and vulnerability made her one of the more sympathetic female performers on the roster, which WWE exploited.

In 2003, she became a pawn in the war between the villainous Test and Scott Steiner, often being put up for grabs in matches between the two.

Unfortunately for fans, Keibler's run in WWE came to an end in 2005, when she opted not to renew her contract with the company. Since leaving, she has appeared in film and television but gained her most notoriety for dating George Clooney.

Recently, reports by PWInsider.com Elite (subscription required), via Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc.com, suggest that the McMahon family has reached out to Keibler about a possible return but no deal has been struck at this point.

With all of the talk about her potentially returning to the company that made her a legitimate star in the wrestling world, here is a look back at some of the most memorable moments in Stacy's career.

Love and marriage...or not

In the fall of 2000, Stacy Keibler was the top female heel in WCW and was deviously feigning pregnancy. She was also scheduled to marry into the Flair family thanks to her engagement to "Nature Boy" Ric's son David.

As is the case with wrestling weddings, things did not go as planned. First, Ric Flair was arrested, putting a halt to the first attempt to have the wedding. The second attempt to have the ceremony ended equally as bad when Keibler revealed that the "baby" she was carrying was not David's.

Typical Vince Russo booking but, to his credit, he was a driving force in making Keibler the star she became while with WCW.

Invasion 2001

The Invasion angle of 2001 saw the stars of the defunct WCW and ECW invade Vince McMahon's WWE. Two of those stars were former WCW stars Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, and they wasted no time in targeting WWE's top two females, Trish Stratus and Lita.

After a few weeks of interaction, it was announced that Keibler and Wilson would take on Lita and Stratus in a tag team Bra & Panties match at the huge inter-promotional Invasion pay-per-view.

With Mick Foley as guest referee, the more experienced Lita and Trish defeated their opponents, stripping them to their undergarments.

Much to the delight of the fans, of course.

No Mercy 2001

In the fall of 2001, Torrie Wilson began a romantic relationship with WWE's Yoshihiro Tajiri and defected from the Alliance (WCW and ECW). This resulted in a feud with former friend Keibler, during which Torrie was put through a table by the Dudley Boyz, whom Keibler had recently begun managing.

With neither lady being particularly experienced between the ropes, they would settle their issues at October's No Mercy pay-per-view in the first-ever Lingerie match.

Wilson would score the win for team WWE as Keibler's win-loss record continued to take a hit.

Mr. McMahon's assistant

The brand extension in the spring of 2002 split the WWE roster in two and left Mr. McMahon in charge of SmackDown. Being the lecherous character that Mr. McMahon was, he needed an assistant and held interviews for the position right in the center of the ring.

A man and woman were unceremoniously dismissed. Then Kid Rock's "Legs" exploded over the PA system and Stacy made her way to the ring.

After impressing her boss with her skills, including her 41.5" legs, she was hired for the position.

It did not last long, however, as Stacy would be a member of the Raw roster just four months later.

The Test-Steiner saga

In late 2002, Stacy began to manage Test. With the leggy blonde as his valet, Test became a babyface and was a solid part of the Raw midcard.

Then Test began to have wandering eyes, fixating on Torrie Wilson following the Boise native's Playboy shoot. He then became noticeably jealous of the attention given to Stacy. Toss in the idea from Keibler to pair him with Scott Steiner in a tag team, and all the ingredients were there for a return to the dark side for Test.

He became possessive of Stacy and wrestled a match against Steiner for her services at the June 2003 Bad Blood pay-per-view. They had a rematch weeks later on the August 11 episode of Raw, which Test won and as a result received Stacy's services.

At Unforgiven in September, Stacy watched as Test defeated Steiner, retaining her services and winning those of the former WCW champion.

From there, the story became convoluted as Steiner turned heel and both he and Test ordered Stacy around in the weeks that followed.

She was eventually awarded her freedom from the two muscleheads but the story crashed and burned before a suitable conclusion could be reached.

No. 1 contender

Between 2001 and 2004, Stacy had done battle with Trish Stratus on a number of occasions. In fact, outside of the feud with Torrie Wilson, her battles with Trish may constitute the most prolific rivalry of her WWE career.

They competed against one another in Bra & Panties, Gravy Bowl and Mud Wrestling matches, but no matter how hard she tried to one-up the 2013 Hall of Famer, Stacy simply could not beat the Canadian.

In 2004, she experienced a winning streak that saw her pin former Women's champion Molly Holly on a number of occasions before being rewarded with a shot at Trish's title on the October 11 episode of Raw from England.

Stacy put up a solid fight, but in the end Trish was able to keep her title reign rolling as she connected with the Chick Kick for the win.

It was Stacy's one real shot at capturing the gold in a meaningful match.

This is the end

Stacy's WWE career came to an end in the fall of 2005.

After managing Hurricane and Rosey to tag team gold as "Super Stacy," she was drafted to SmackDown, where she did little of note. Her final match came in a Lingerie Pillow Fight against Christy Hemme. Hemme won the match, and it became clear that Stacy was ready to leave.

She later appeared on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, finishing in third place despite being arguably the best dancer on the show.

Her relationship with George Clooney years later would be tabloid fodder but also gave her her greatest exposure.

Today, she hosts Supermarket Superstar. 


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